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Todesbonden - Stormbringer review


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Band: Todesbonden
Album: Stormbringer
Release date: 2004

01. Sun And Venus
02. Stormbringer
03. March Of The Cicadas
04. Dark Horns

Todesbonden is the new project of Laurie Ann Haus the singer of Autumn Tears, Ephemeral Sun... I did the review of the Ephemeral Sun demo some years before and I was really amazed by the voice of this great singer. Now evidently, I try to follow the road of Laurie and her band mates, through her numerous projects. Today, I have the luck to do the review of Todesbonden which will become, I'm sure of it, the new killer band of Doom/Gothic Metal. If you like this kind of music, please take some minutes to read the review…

The album starts with a magical introduction and the angelical voice of Laurie, in some few seconds you already understand that you're in front of something magic, different, amazing. This EP "Stormbringer" is a pure jewel of sadness and melancholy, the subtle mix between the acoustic guitars, electric guitars, the piano and violins in addition to the exceptional vocals of Laurie is really touching. Really when I listen to this album, I have some shivers in all my body, and only some few songs are able to do such effect, but the band knew how to give emotions in addition of a beautiful music.
This is a Gothic/Doom Metal album, in the vein of an old Theatre Of Tragedy, but it clearly sounds a bit less electri (like a Dark Sanctuary maybe), certainly in reason of the violins played by Patrick, but the darkness of the songs, the slow tempos and the insistent riffs for sure remember me Doom Metal. Also, I find that some sonorities (one more time in reason of the voice of Laurie) are really near of a Dead Can Dance and Lisa Gerrard and this is evidently a good point for a Metal band.
This is only a EP, but the four songs are really good, this is a professional work. That's not really surprising because all the members of the band are confirmed musicians, but that's always good to see that some guys and girls are able to release their albums with passion above all and not for money or some any commercial aspects in first.
With a nice production, the sound is not the best but it's ok for a EP, with a good artwork by Lauri herself, I must say that we have something of a really good quality. Many congratulations to the band.

"Stormbringer" is an excellent first release for Todesbonden and really, I only whish now to have the luck to listen to their first album soon. That's not surprising to know that they just got a deal with the German label Prophecy production and my friends, I hope that you'll remember this name when their first album will be released. A great EP of Doom/Gothic Metal…

Written by Jeff | 01.03.2005


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