Sanctimonious Order - Thy Kingdom review

Band: Sanctimonious Order
Album: Thy Kingdom
Release date: 2004

01. Between The Lines
02. On Frozen Ground
03. Thy Kingdom
04. Body Parts
05. Holy Holocaust
06. Black
07. Into Dark

Corspepaint-free Black Metal

I've heard this album already 3 times in a row, and I'm not impressed, I mean, it has its moments and some songs are more than ok, but I'm not impressed, maybe is because I've heard before this kind of Black Metal, or maybe I'm not in the mood for Black Metal today, I don't know. The only thing I can say that this record is not bad at all, but is too typical for my tastes.

Think Immortal, mostly their last albums, there you have a wide picture of the sound of Sanctimonious Order, frenzied Black Metal with some calm moodier moments that gives some atmosphere to the music. Sinister riffing and eerie arrangements (via keyboard) might get you hooked up on some songs in the album, but in general this is Black Metal played by numbers. Zero innovations. Zero surprises.

We get zillions of Black Metal lately, and while I must admit that Black Attakk Records signs good bands lately, Sanctimonious Order is way too typical for my tastes. Too late for a release like this, and too early for a revival of the first wave of Black Metal.
The funny thing about this band is that they don't wear corpsepaint, but believe me, this is the only innovation you'll find in this band.

Only two songs caught my attention, title track "Thy Kingdom" and "Holy Holocaust" both songs contain great rhythms and creepy passages (a combination of spine-chilling riffing with ghastly keyboards)

I must recommend this to all you kids that are just discovering Black Metal on your own, listen to this now or you'll find it boring later, believe me. For frenzied Blacksters, sure, you could try this anytime, is not that bad, just way too typical.

Written by Undercraft | 28.03.2005


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