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Band: Doctor Butcher
Album: Doctor Butcher
Release date: 1994

Disc I
01. The Altar
02. Don't Talk To Me
03. Seasons Of The Witch
04. Reach Out And Torment Someone
05. Juice
06. The Chair
07. Innocent Victim
08. The Picture's Wild
09. Lost In The Dark
10. I Hate, You Hate...We All Hate
11. All For One None For All

Disc II [2005 Re-Release Bonus]
01. Inspecter Highway
02. Freaks
03. Born Of The Board
04. Help! Police?
05. Bridges

Jon Oliva + Chris Cafferey = Doctor Butcher. No no, this is not a new album of Savatage but a real original project of the two musicians. "Doctor Butcher" the album, was released in 1994 when Jon and Chris decided to do a new album together (remember that Jon was out of Savatage during this period). The result was an impressive Heavy Metal album, something certainly in the vein of Savatage but a bit more "rock "n"roll" and Heavy too in my opinion. Today we have the luck to have the re-edition, by Black Lotus Records, of this excellent album (with in addition a bonus CD) and, if you missed it in 1994, I recommend you to have a look on it now…

I don't think that I need to talk a lot about the talented musicians who are Jon Oliva and Chris Caffery, actually I'm quite sure that everybody here already know them. It was maybe in 1994, more than ten years before our area but evidently don't worry they was already great. That's easy to see it on that "Doctor Butcher" is a real piece of Heavy Metal made in USA with a lot of amazing riffs and solos and above all with a lot of Rock "N" Roll melodies that will give you the feeling that some few Hard Rock bands can give to their listeners. Because yes "Doctor Butcher" is an album of Heavy but it's not so far away of Hard Rock on some passages. Actually and in two words, that's catchy and addictive as hell nothing more…

This re-release is a good thing for us, first because it's not so easy to find the original album, but also because we have the luck to have a new and great original cover (the first one was cheesy…) and a super bonus CD, with 4 songs (the best ones from their previous Demo CD) and an original song (written in 1993 but it was never recorded) "Inspecter Highway" recorded last year by Chris, Jon with an original line-up.

In an excellent digi-pack this re-release of the classic album "Doctor Butcher" is a must for all the fans of Jon Oliva and Chris Caffery but also for all the ones who like Heavy Metal that clearly sounds US. Believe me there is only jewels in this album and I can only recommend you to buy this CD. Do it if you don't want to miss something…

Written by Jeff | 23.05.2005


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