Furious Zoo - Furioso II review

Band: Furious Zoo
Album: Furioso II
Website: http://www.hantson.com
Release date: 2005

01. What You Are To Me
02. Killing Queen
03. Sex On The Telephone
04. Magic Tokyo Girl
05. I Feel Blue
06. Believe It Or not
07. Don't You Wanna Rock
08. Love Can Break Your Heart
09. She's A Witch
10. So Many Things
11. On your Knees
12. Evil Lady (Satan's Call)
13. Everytime
14. Tell Me What To Do
15. Come With Me
16. Good Friends
17. Just Keep Holding On
18. Get Out

For the ones who don't know this guy, you must know that Renaud Hantson is a really famous singer here in France. If the first steps in the music of Renaud were with the Hard Rock band Satan Jokers, Renaud won his notoriety with pop and variety shows (especially with musicals like Starmania, his own solo albums and lately Notre Dame De Paris). But Renaud is an Hard Rocker and after a first album "Furioso" in 1992 with the best of the best of the French Metal musicians (Nono of Trust, Rondat and Zouille of Sortilège…) he is now back with "Furioso II" the following of his first album…

"Furioso II" is an honest album, especially because that all the musicians are really good. The level of the bass like the guitar is really high (you'll find a lot of excellent technical solos), the drums played by Renaud himself are also really good and evidently, no need to talk about the excellent voice of this recognized singer. 18 tracks, 67 mins, that's long and evidently when you have 18 songs, that's not so hard to find some really good songs, like the beautiful and melancholic "So Many Things".

However I must complain about a fact that disturbs me, really… It seems to be impossible for Renaud to have a real break with his variety career. I mean that that the album is a bit too soft for me, and it really lacks of punch. That's a bit sad because we would like to see some more "anger" in the music. Of course I don't say that we would like to hear some Thrash Metal no no, but look at some bands like Freak Kitchen for example, they play this kind of music and they don't lack of energy...

"Furioso II" is a curiosity and it shows above all that Renaud Hantson is a great musician and a great singer, but yes I regret the fact that the album sounds a bit too much poppy for me. Good try however, with some more speedy and aggressive riffs on a future album it could become something more than interesting. That's up to you guys now…

Written by Jeff | 20.06.2005


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