Fear My Thoughts - Hell Sweet Hell review


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Band: Fear My Thoughts
Album: Hell Sweet Hell
Release date: 2005

01. Intro
02. Windows For The Dead
03. In The Hourglass
04. My Delight
05. Sweetest Hell
06. Dying Eyes
07. Sadist Hour
08. The Master's Call
09. Ghosts Of Time
10. Satisfaction Guaranteed
11. Tie Fighting
12. Trying To Feel

No, I'm sorry Mr Lifeforce Records - boast and scream as much as you want and label it as metalcore for obvious reasons, anyone who listens to Hell Sweet Hell understands in one minute that this IS "true" metal. Fear My Thoughts has a metalcore background but they've changed a lot (obviously). There is no "-core" evidence anymore, not even in the vocals, that are now pure growls.

First, this doesn't sound German at all and there is absolutely no hint that they started their career as a hardcore band. All I can hear is the influence of all sorts of Swedish bands. The result would be quite close to Callenish Circle for example. If you know this band, you know I'm talking about fast, epic, brutal yet deeply melodic metal. Nevertheless, this is not a mere rip off since Fear My Thoughts actually use the whole panoply of what Sweden has to offer.

For example, the opener "Windows For The Dead" is a blasting Gothenburg hymn with a chorus à la Gardenian (you've seen less catchy), "Sweetest Hell" reminds of Whoracle/Colony-era In Flames, while "The Master's Call" is a mix between The Haunted and old Soilwork. Soilwork's shadow is very present towards the end of the album (the vocals on "Sadist Hour" and "Ghosts Of Time", as well as the samples on the latter sound quite familiar). The technical "In The Hourglass" and its syncopated riffing à la Darkane shows yet another side of this surprising band, more experimental than usual. "Trying To Feel" on the other hand is an attempt at something darker and more personal. The hilarious "Tie Fighting" (check out the lyrics about Star Wars and the "power of the Dark Side" and the discreet Tie Fighters and Darth Vader samples) is in an Entombed's death'n'roll vein, with a riff that tends towards stoner thrash.

The production reaches Swedish standards hands down and emphasizes all the peculiar features of this very strong album. What I like with Fear My Thoughts is that even if they don't venture out of the beaten path and are clearly influenced by older bands, they are not happy with trendy commercial heartless music. There is so much more to this album than just another Gothenburg metal release. I feel honesty, strong-mindedness and a deep love for metal when I listen to Hell Sweet Hell. Even if this is not the album of the year or the new milestone for Gothenburg melodeath, I hope, no, I pray you to give Fear My Thoughts a serious try. If you like melodic metal, you won't be disappointed. I swear.

Highlights: Windows For The Dead, Sweetest Hell (check it out on MS August compilation), The Master's Call

Written by Deadsoulman | 16.08.2005


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