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Band: Demonic Resurrection
Album: A Darkness Descends
Release date: October 2005

01. Prelude To Darkness
02. Dreams Of The Dead
03. Apolyptic Dawn
04. Behind The Mask Of God
05. Carnival Of Depravity
06. Spirits Of The Mystic Mountains
07. Where Shadows Lie
08. A Darkness Descends
09. Invoking The Demons
10. Frozen Portrait
11. The Summoning
12. Overture To Glory

My first impression from India

My first Cd from India ever. As a matter of fact the Indian scene is not as obscure as many people may think, in the last years India has spawned good quality Metal acts, being one of them Demonic Resurrection. And yes, I know that the band name is as cliché as it gets, but the music is nowhere near a cliché.

The Mumbai-based band found a point of equilibrium between 3 genres, Death Metal, Black Metal and Power Metal. They take elements from the 3 genres and juxtapose one on top of the other one, creating a disturbing piece of music. Songs are varied and quite versatile (thanks to the genre-combining), you can find calm, clean passages and brutal, aggressive sections. Songs like "Apocalyptic Dawn". "Frozen Portrait" and the title song "A Darkness Descends" are fine examples of this.

The production is something to praise here, each instrument sound quite good, and nothing is buried in the mix, like the amazing atmosphere that the keyboards create in "The Summoning", with a lousy production that detail would have gone bad. I find the artwork just as cliché as the band name, but I guess it serves a purpose.

This is an excellent find, is unbelievable how many good bands are out there, struggling and not receiving the support they deserve. This band (along with some others) are smart enough to make original, different music to avoid being catalogued as a copycat or such, this will to be unique and innovative is something that every band should have. Please follow my advice and get this album as soon as you can, is definitively worth it.

Written by Undercraft | 12.04.2006



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07.10.2006 - 13:38
Nice Review!!
Amazing Album and a perfect combination of extreme and melodic metal.
"It's a dangerous business, going out of your door, You step into the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to." - J.R.R. Tolkien, "Three Is Company," The Lord of the Rings
06.05.2007 - 17:44
cruel pain
carpathian flame
DR is awesome..!!!!
25.01.2008 - 12:58
cruel pain
carpathian flame
good rewiew...
16.06.2010 - 15:14
Demonic Resurrection has won the Global Metal award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2010 in London, UK! Still in shock!
16.06.2010 - 15:18
metal hammer awards winner
30.08.2010 - 19:31
Fils du Lys
Behemoth meets Dimmu Borgir meets COF meets Tiamat. Beautifully brutal. Love it.
Notre destinée n'est pas encore tracée....

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