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Edenbeast - Shortcuts Of Erotic Violence review


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Band: Edenbeast
Album: Shortcuts Of Erotic Violence
Release date: July 2005

01. In Love & Death
02. Suicidal Angel Of Revenge
03. Drawings Of Pain
04. Eternity Is Not For Me
05. Fullmoon Mystery
06. Oneday...
07. Deadly Visions
08. Violent Erotica
09. In The Dark
10. When The Sun Is Going Down [bonus]

Edenbeast is a new combo of Gothenburg Metal. They don't come from Sweden or Finland this time but Russia!!! Original isn't it? Yes probably, but after all, tell me why we couldn't have any good "Swedish Death" elsewhere than in Scandinavia?

"Shortcuts Of Erotic Violence" is the first album of Edenbeast and as a beginning, this is not a bad one. Actually, a lot of the songs of the album are really surprising, like this melodic "Suicidal Angel Of Revenge" (with an opposition clean and death vocals) or "Fullmoon Mystery" in the pure "Whoracle" spirit, one can't say that "Shortcuts Of Erotic Violence" is not entertaining. The album follows the way of a really melodic Gothenburg Metal (near of Power actually), this is not really uncommon we can find a lot of these productions everyday but the compositions of this album are catchy. The strong point comes from the excellent melodic riffs (really technical) and the numerous guitars solos in addition of the two vocals: a classic Gothenburg Death one and a clean one in a pure Heavy style (nothing symphonic or gothic here, just pure Heavy Metal). This opposition is at least original and believe me it gives a lot of harmony to the music.

The production is not bad even if the cover is not really catchy and a bit average. But on the other hand, the sound is really professional and the electronic drum (too bad that the band doesn't have a real drummer) sounds more than ok. At least we cannot say that Edenbeast didn't try to do something perfect for their first album.

"Shortcuts Of Erotic Violence" is not so original but at least it's more than honest, and this release of this band, without any pretension, sound like something promising for its future career. If you like this kind of music, have a look on this Russian combo, Edenbeast. Maybe that some of you will be nicely surprised.

Written by Jeff | 13.09.2005


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