Ominous - Intercorpse review

Band: Ominous
Album: Intercorpse
Release date: January 2005

01. Intro
02. What Is There For Me
03. Intercorpse
04. Lifeless
05. Emptiness
06. Doomed With Innocence
07. Tears Of Fear
08. Infected Flesh
09. 13 Years Of Pain
10. Behind The Shaded Skies
11. Dead Cunt
12. Rank
13. Battered
14. The Sleeper

This album is all about the incredible songwriting, the sickening imagery, and the Brutality towards the music, "Intercorpse" is an album filled with pounding and insane tunes, hellish vocals, incredible drumming, awesome bass playing and a lot of really catchy riffs all along the record.

Judging by the cover, a really hot girl having sex with a putrid corpse, we can say "Man this band must be brutal as hell", but that would be a wrong verdict. Yes the music is insanely brutal, but it also has structures and scales (detail lost in most Brutal Death Metal bands nowadays), the music can get really aggressive, but the breakdowns and bridges settle a whole new impression towards the tracks; brutal yet catchy music.

There are many incredible tracks in "Intercorpse", in fact the really good stuff comes from the 8th to the last track (that segment is just awesome), we can even hear a mind blowing and complex bass solo (Infected Flesh), the most awesome double-bass drumming (Behind The Shaded Skies), incredible guitar riffs in 13 years of pain (this song has a really cool video about a sick girl peeling her skin off), etc. Ominous is hitting powerfully the metal scene with this album; a couple of years more of polishing the music, adding some complex guitar solos, and arranging general stuff here and there, and you'll be hearing this band all over the Metal scene, with more incredible tracks and astonishing music.

The production is actually incredible, the instruments sound loud and really lucid, the riffing sounds clean and the vocalizations are incredibly clear as well. So, to every Death Metal fan, I recommend you to grab this piece, hear it, and then make your own judgment, I know I liked it.

Best Tracks: "13 Years Of Pain", "Behind The Shaded Skies", "The Sleeper".

Written by Herzebeth | 17.09.2005


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