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Yuggoth - Sunsets review

Band: Yuggoth
Album: Sunsets
Release date: 2005

01. Bitter Choice
02. Gene Of Violence
03. Fiction
04. Funky Style Suicide
05. Summon Me
06. The Last Reason

Yuggoth is the living proof of a radical turnover. The Russian combo was in the past a band that played Doom/Death Metal but now they use to play a really nice Hard Rock mixed with some thrashy and funky riffs. This is evidently really different but not so stupid at the end because they knew how to change their musical orientation without any big problems or mistakes. "Sunsets" their last Demo is a really nice surprise.

If you like Rock'n'Roll spirit, if you want attractive riffs and strong melodies, you can't miss this promising Demo. Oki I don't say that it is perfect, the production even if it is still acceptable is not perfect and above the bad point of the album for me comes from the voice of the singer. Konstantin is a good singer, but when we sing in English we must "forget" our accent. And that's not the case here, but this is not something that couldn't be fixed, and I'm sure that it will be better next time.

Musically, "Sunsets" is really original. It can sound Hard Rock sometime or at the opposite really Funky like on "Funky Style Suicide" but every time the melodies are really dancing and it's really entertaining to listen to this album. When you're able to produce such songs on a demo, be sure that the best will come. Also, I really like the "good mood" spirit that we can find on this release, this is this kind of music that tell you, "you must party with some friends, drink some beers and headbang". Tip top.

"Sunsets" is not a revolutionary album but it's fresh and one can't say that this Demo is not entertaining. If the band knows how to fix some really little problems, I'm sure that they will find a good label soon or later. I really recommend this Demo to the ones who want to listen to some original music from Russia.

Written by Jeff | 03.10.2005


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