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Dødheimsgard - Satanic Art review


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Band: Dødheimsgard
Album: Satanic Art
Release date: May 1998

01. Oneiroscope
02. Traces Of Reality
03. Symptom
04. The Paramount Empire
05. Wrapped In Plastic

Dodheimsgard is one of the most obscure, innovative and artistic acts that ever came out of Norway and there's no-one that can deny it, I guess. Black metal is what Dodheimsgard offer, but it is being expressed through a quite avant-garde and extremely artistic musical prism, evoking soundscapes that only they know how to achieve!

Their compositions have an intense sense of coldness, not frost, coldness, a coldness of emotions coming straight to your face from the industrial references that on this album exist more as an idea, as a feeling, as a hidden structure, rather than music ideas (musically they are quite obvious on the masterpiece bearing the name "666 International"). Their music is a maelstrom of misanthropy, art through anti-art, an unorthodox method of expression through dismal, chaotic and distressing soundscapes that in the end sound so beautifully extreme (a paradox, isn't it?) to the ears of the listener that loses himself somewhere else, into an artificial reality where pestilence and disease rule.

Sweet nightmares, another paradox, turn to life in front of the very eyes of the listener through the piano-oriented keyboard pieces and the serene threatening (another paradox) keyboard melodies that transport you there where angels mourn in silence, bleeding from hatred and inner torture. The sharp razorblade guitar riffing torments your defenceless soul with tunes of disharmony and the rhythm section in ecstasy and terror shatters every hope in the horizon. Above all stands Aldrahn's chaotic and utterly twisted interpretation that ranges from paranoiac recites to twisted screams and from eerie howls to desperate demented sounds, spitting his abstract anti-cosmic lyrics upon a failed humanity.

The nightmare begins with the dreamy "Oneiroscope" and "Traces Of Reality" and "Symptom", two of the most uncompromising and utterly elegiac extreme compositions that came out of human (?) souls, follow to lead slowly to the raging and fabulous "The Paramount Empire" to end in dismay and euphoria with "Wrapped In Plastic".

All in all, "Satanic Art" is an EP drowned in paradox and unorthodox expression, a must-have album for all the black metal fans that are searching for something different and at the same time greatly expressed.


Written on 09.10.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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03.02.2007 - 02:18
Account deleted
I could'nt agree more, this is an excellent album, the only shame is that it is only an EP. Brutal, beautiful, artistic, innovative, original, skillful, evil, wierd, in short, brilliant black metal. If you haven't got this, go buy it.
26.08.2010 - 09:39
Great Review!
26.08.2010 - 12:11
Account deleted
They definitely peaked with this EP. All before plummeting down with Supervillain Outcast.

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