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Harmaa - Airut:aamujen review


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Band: Harmaa
Album: Airut:aamujen
Release date: December 2004

01. Saapuminen
02. Seitsensarvi
03. Lävitseni kaikkeen
04. Luopumisen laulu
05. Kuvajainen
06. Oikea sointi
07. Kahluu
08. Hiensynty
09. Läheltä

Grey indeed

Harmaa, meaning "grey" in Finish is a side project from the members of Tenhi, very well known melancholic folk outfit from the land of the thousand lakes.
The premise is very simple, melancholic, romantic piano music with some acoustic guitars, percussion and sombre vocals, sung entirely in Finnish.

Of course, and let me give this warning, this is NOT Metal, but why I'm reviewing this album in a Metal website? Simply, I know this will appeal many of you, think of Harmaa as Doom Metal without the Metal part, the music will bring to mind the same despair, sorrow and wretchedness that Doom Metal gracefully evokes.

The album starts with a little piano piece called "Saapiminen" (emerging), this short intro sets the mood for the fantastic "Seitsensarvi" (grey shine of june), a marvellous song, so melancholic, tragic yet romantic. The vocals of Tyko Saarikko are most adequate for the music, they have this stoic, expressionless presence that is very hard to describe.

"Lävitseni Kaikkeen" (thru me and into everything) features some acoustic vocals as well, while "Luopumisen Laulu" (eloign) is a more upbeat song (without loosing the melancholic edge) with a cool male/female duet all through the song.
"Kuvajainen" (apparition) is a instrumental song that has amazing chances in pace, rhythm and structure.

"Oikea Sointi" (lay down a tune) has to be the most beautiful song I've heard in the year, I can't find enough words to praise this little dismal jewel. You got to listen to really believe.

Harmaa captivated me with every note of the piano, every song, every feeling is evoked with perfect expressionism, is like these guys found the right words to say through the piano. In addition, the nice Digipack edition of the album comes with Finnish lyrics and the English translation. Be sure to check this out if you like any form of melancholic music.

Written by Undercraft | 29.11.2005



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Nice review
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