Stabat Mater / Worship - Worship & Stabat Mater [Split] review


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Band: Stabat Mater / Worship
Album: Worship & Stabat Mater [Split]
Release date: March 2002

01. Songs For Our Slaves - In The Name Of Selfkrucifixion

Stabat Mater
02. Give Them Pain

We all know that Worship and Stabat Mater have become two really important and cult acts in the funeral doom metal scene. Well, the good god of funeral doom seems to care for us the doom metal fans and asked two of his most beloved children to form an unholy allegiance and bring doom and terror to the world. And thus Worship and Stabat Mater came together and released an almighty split.

The first song of the split is Worship's "Song For Our Slaves - In The Name Of Selfkrucifixion" and believe me, the gloom and wailing feeling that are being evoked through this composition are endless, suffocating the listener. The vocals are deep grunting ones, lending extreme power to the song, the guitar riffing is an ode to dirge and mourning, slow and really heavy, and the rhythm section has an accompanying yet dynamic role. The production is not so good, but who cares about the production in funeral doom anyway! "Song For Our Slaves…" is a very depressive song and as the seconds pass by it becomes more and more painful and bleeding and when it ends you think you have been set free, but Stabat Mater's song starts to echo!

Well, the Worship song was really good, but the real apocalypse on this split is the song of Stabat Mater. This is not a simple composition, this is the soundtrack of torment and real pain, I guess the title of the song "Give Them Pain" says it all and the sound of the chainsaw-or-whatever-it-is in the beginning prepares the listener of what will follow and it's just the beginning! Ultra slow funereal guitar riffing that pins the soul of the listener to the cross, imposing yet slow as well rhythm section, ultra deep grunting vocals and… the sample of a girl being tortured to death with her screams sounding so unearthly, so full of pain! If this isn't the soundtrack to pain then there will never exist one.

Funeral doom metal fans should check this out, it's Stabat Mater and Worship after all, which means high quality funeral doom!


Written on 24.12.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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