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Band: Dreamland
Album: Future's Calling
Website: http://www.dream-land.nu
Release date: 2005

01. The Chance (Intro)
02. Hearts Like Lions
03. A New Way
04. Breaking The Chains
05. Destiny
06. Die Slowly
07. Fade Away
08. All For One
09. Dreamland
10. Future's Calling
11. Blank Mind
12. A New Dimension
13. Repeating Supremacy (Outro)

Dreamland is a new young combo from Sweden and do you know who are their producers? Mr Joacim Cans (Hammerfall) and Andy Larocque (King Diamond). As you can understand these two guys probably saw the strong potential of the combo and they didn't lose their free time for nothing. And they were right, "Future's Calling" is a really nice first album.

Between Edguy and Hammerfall, Dreamland plays a nice Heavy Metal and evidently they use all the stratagems of the style. Catchy "friendly" choruses, strong melodies (not so fast this is not an album of Power) and super guitars riffs and solos. The album is maybe a bit linear at the end because except the nice ballad "Fade Away" the construction of the others songs is always a bit the same but on the other hand, some songs like "Future's Calling" or "A New Way" are pure hits.

So evidently I don't have to talk a lot about the perfect production of this release but I would like to point out the great voice of the singer Joacim Lundberg, actually he has one of the best voices that I had the luck to hear lately. So with a good singer, with a bunch of talented musicians, with a good way of writing, "Future's Calling" only suffers of a little lack of originality but in their case it's not the worst bands that I heard lately and I have some great hopes concerning this combo that first play Heavy and not Power and secondly play a Metal that doesn't sound "German" or "Finnish" and that's a good thing.

So ok, at the end this album is maybe a bit linear but it's good to have this kind of releases sometime. Some good old Heavy Metal never hurts and when a newcomer is able to releases such first album it's obvious that the best will come soon or later. A nice first release, not perfect but damn promising and god, what a good singer…

Written by Jeff | 19.01.2006



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31.08.2019 - 19:35
Mountain King
K i K o
It's power metal to me. The good type of power metal and that's something good for me. It doesn't need to be 180 bps Sonata Arctica or Twilight Force in order to be labelled Power Metal. I don't even care about the labelling but if I have to categorize this band then they remind me of power metal bands. You said yourself they are similar to Edguy and Hammerfall and both are PM bands, mainly during 2006 both were still producing power metal rather than doing cheesy hard rock. Anyway, I like this album and that ballad "Fade Away" is cool.

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