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Band: Remembrance
Album: Frail Visions
Release date: September 2005

01. Through Frail Visions I Lay
02. To Lost Illusions
03. Eternal Disease
04. Your Insignificance
05. An Ending Chapter
06. Murdering My Faith
07. Thy Decay
08. Where All Has Been Wasted

The fans won't miss the fact that Remembrance is formed by two members of the French goth/doom band Lethian Dreams, Matthieu Sachs and Carline Van Roos. Fortunately, the music of Remembrance is in nothing similar to Lethian Dreams'. As a side note, Frail Visions is also the first real album released by the Israeli label Totalrust Records.

So, Remembrance navigates in the deep dark waters of funeral doom metal. Their music is halfway through the wretched and monolithic grandeur of Skepticism and the mournful symphonies of Shape Of Despair. The latter especially sounds like it was a major influence during the songwriting process. No rip-off to be found here though, but a song like "Through Frail Visions I Lay" and its dramatic and very typical keyboards would not really be out of place on Angels Of Distress if you see where I'm going to.

Ok let's stop the comparisons here, in the end Remembrance does not really sound like these two Gods, mainly because they are able to speed things up sometimes (it's all relative, we're talking funeral doom here) to propose a few more deathy passages. And believe me, it works incredibly well and injects a breath of fresh air into the rather classical mix grunted brutal male vocals/angelical female vocals (very rarely though)/discordant piano, without tearing the thick atmosphere the band were able to weave all along the 65 minutes of this album.

A funeral doom album is not about the musical performance, it is about the emotional intensity. Remembrance succeed hands down in this exercise. This is the kind of band that, just like the two aforementioned monsters, can ruin the most beautiful day of the year by sending messages of despair, despondency and wretchedness to the poor soul that dares to venture in such barren, unwholesome, sick landscapes. In other words, for a debut album, Frail Visions is a masterstroke.

Highlights: Through Frail Visions I Lay, Eternal Disease, Murdering My Faith

Written by Deadsoulman | 09.02.2006


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