Ecliptic Sunset - From These Dried Lands
18 May 2003

01. Sanre Voukods Lak Act. I
02. Sanre Voukods Lak Act. II
03. Gales Of Tragedy
04. My Place In The Dark
05. Tears Far Away
06. Dreprimenthia
07. In Nomine Nosferatu
08. Demons
09. I Belong To My Loneliness
10. Reflection

Musicians on this Recording:
Alejandro Miguel Medina (guitars / voice / bass on tracks 2, 3, 4)
Rodolfo Aguirre Del Pin (keyboards)
Adolfo Suarez (actual drums)
Session musicians participation:
María Alejandra Blanco (female vocals, and vocal arrangement on "Gales of Tragedy" intro)
Gabriel Ceseracciu (all violins, except violin on "Sanre Voukods Lak Act. II", by Cristina Fornillo)
Roxana Martínez (flute)
Jesus Canaviry (contrabass)
Hernan Bass (bass on "Demons" and "Deprimenthia")
Gabriel Castillo (session drums)
Javier Figueroa (keyboards on "My Place in the Dark" "Deprimenthia", and "Demons")
Adrian Vitry (clean voice on "My Place in the Dark")
Fernando Medina (percussion in "Demons")
Special participation of:
David Slodky (voice on "Reflection" and "Deprimenthia's" Intro/Outro)

Great idea, poor execution

Argentina has proved lately that has Metal bands for all tastes, the wide array of bands, including almost every sub-genre of Metal aren't always that good, but at least they exist. Within this year I have become acquainted to the Metal scene in Argentina, and I must say is very strong, as strong as the Brazilian one.

Now is the turn to Ecliptic Sunset, a band that plays Black Metal with a melancholic twist, not too melancholic to call it Doom Black Metal, but not enough tr00 to call it raw Black Metal.

Basically what we're dealing with is a Black Metal release with raw shrieks and some other elements as violins, flute, acoustic guitars, female vocals and gloomy keyboards.
Frankly, I found the Black Metal sections a little too bland and repetitive for my tastes, the drumming gets into your nerves pretty quick, not to say that the production and overall sound aren't the best around.

But, the parts that really captivates me are the non-Black Metal parts, where acoustic passages accompanied by violins take the lead, like the 10 minute song "Deprimenthia" fantastic song with interesting changes, including a spoken passage in Spanish, another song worth checking is "I Belong To My Loneliness".

The general concept and the idea of mixing calmer, doomy passages with raw Black Metal is not bad at all, I find it quite interesting, the only problem is the execution, some guest singers are poorly chosen and the production leaves you unsatisfied. I have great expectations for this band in the future, so stay tuned.


written by Undercraft | 10.02.2006

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