Vorkreist - Sublimation XXIXA review


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Band: Vorkreist
Album: Sublimation XXIXA
Release date: January 2006

01. Great Order Of Sterile Lunacy
02. Sublimation XXIXA
03. Mystical Hierarchy Of Perdition
04. Thy Death Divine
05. Sodogma
06. TortureKult
07. Void Of Grace
08. VKT Konklave
09. Ecstatic In Repulsion

Death Vs. Black

Vorkreist is a French combo that plays a mixture of Death and Black Metal, yes, this is not very original and actually there's a lot of bands doing what Vorkreist does, so, is there's really a reason to buy this album? Let's take a closer look at the sophomore album from these Death-Blacksters.

Death and Black, both completely different styles, but both sharing one thing: the brutality. The harsh, heavy, bludgeoning sound of Death Metal join forces with the piercing, penetrating, sharp sound of Black Metal. Is really a duet if you analyze it well, you got your Death Metal sections countered by Black Metal ones, this variation is quite welcome over here, since both styles tend to get a little repetitive if listened too much, so why not mix them?

The strongpoint of Vorkreist is definitively the Black Metal sections, the production and sound is quite good, but the music sounds unpolished which gives the real Black Metal feel to it. The Death Metal sections are more groovy, riff-laden with the oh-so-typical gruff "cookie monster" vocals.

The whole album is a war between the two genres, a war that finally Black Metal wins, if you don't believe me take a closer look at the album listening songs like "Mystical Hierarchy Of Perdition" and "They Death Divine" both my stand-out tracks in the album.
Fans of Death and Black Metal should check this one out, the band truly shows progress from their debut album.

Written by Undercraft | 14.02.2006


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