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Machine Called Man - 2.004 review


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Band: Machine Called Man
Album: 2.004
Release date: May 2005

01. Only Now...
02. A World Without Heroes
03. The Instigator
04. Pale Horse
05. Pity Me
06. Of Things To Come
07. The Witch And The Whisperer
08. To Live A Lie
09. Lost
10. Cup Of Sorrow

Machine Called Man is without any doubt one of the new sensations that come from the United States. This excellent band that I discovered on MySpace lately plays a good old mix between Thrash and 'US' Power with some progressive touches. Modern, effective and super catchy, the music of Machine Called Man is full of potential hits. Do you really think that you have the right to miss this band?

Actually, I like "2.004" in reason of a lot of good points. First, the music that is a mix of 'US' Power and Thrash with Prog elements is original and we're not in front of something that we can listen to everyday. It's super melodic and we have classy clean vocals (sometime a bit thrashy too) but in any case the music lacks of punch. It's heavy, powerful and full of fast rhythms but the choruses are really catchy and it's easy to remember (and then sing in your head) the melodies of the different songs. Machine Called Man sounds modern and even if their songs are complex, in any case you'll be bored by one of the tracks of the CD and you'll see, we don't only have nice riffs but also really good soli.

The production is also really good. For a self-released album, the "green" artworks and booklet (with all the lyrics) are really nice. The sound is also ok, not the best that I've ever seen but still, it's more than correct and the recording of the album doesn't kill the quality of the compositions.

This is a really good first album but I regret that I only got a "promotional" version of the album. With only four songs of the original CD, I have the feeling that I'm missing a lot and evidently my review cannot really right. But well at least the four songs are really cool and I hope that the six others are as good as the others (and it's probably the case actually).

Don't forget the name of this excellent newcomer, they'll have a great future in my opinion. "2.004" is classy as hell and original and believe me that the songs are simply pure hits so if you like this kind of music, don't miss this great release and please have a look on it and you'll understand that we're in front of a great band.

Written by Jeff | 23.02.2006


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