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Ebolie - Elevation Into Disintegration review

Band: Ebolie
Album: Elevation Into Disintegration
Release date: 2004

01. Blood Tapped Skull
02. Elevation Into Disintegration
03. Human Errror
04. Straight Edgetasy
05. Queens Of The Scene
06. Work Forced
07. Foetal Grindings
08. Rape Of Sanity
09. Queer Eye For The Metrosexual

I actually can't remember the last time I felt this way alter hearing an album; maybe it wasn't that long ago but whatever, I'm going somewhere with that statement. This album is a freaking overwhelming Grindcore piece which will be haunting your stereo days and weeks and months after you finally decide to hear it. I mean just look at the cover, don't tell me you are not hooked up by this bizarre artwork man, because I fucking won't believe you.

Let me explain the music a little bit. Ebolie offers a shivering sound overall; the tunes are fucking violent as hell, the structures are really insane, and the best feature comes with the super catchy riffs found in Elevation Into disintegration. This is the kind of Grindcore I love, the kind of music that I'll play really loud over and over again until my neighbor cracks down and dies of an implosive heart attack; Grindcore filled with catchy riffing, irregular drumming, twisted breakdowns, freaky intermezzos, Jazzy intros and hilarious lyrical content.

The album flows smoothly through the speakers, every chord played sounds rawer and more hostile than its predecessor; but still, this album is not all about the brutality laying in the depths of the tracks, this album is about grinding and destroying stuff, the chaos hidden in this CD is just marvelous, and everything in it emphasizes that chaotic atmosphere I'm talking about, even the funny parts actually. The weird thing is that even though the music is really frenzied and aggressive, the execution is almost flawless, the instruments are played in a really precise way accompanying the shuddering vocalizations; it's just great to hear this kind of bass-lines, drum beats, guitar chords and vocal tones all together to create old school Grindcore.

What's the catch? Well, no catch this time, though the production could be a little better and that last track, even though it's really fucking funny is also a little annoying; everything else is just really good, not the most original piece you've ever heard in your entire life, but at least is way better than many shitty albums nowadays that cause nothing but explosive diarrhea. I mean, this is a debut album, when was the last time you heard this kind of structures and arrangements in a sophomore Grindcore CD?

I could explain more about these Australian guys's music, but they kind of did it for me anyway, just check the lyrics of Foetal Grindings (the seventh track) and that's exactly what rests in this record waiting to be unleashed in your stereo. So anyway if you're smart enough you'll buy Elevation Into Disintegration right now without hesitate; you won't regret at all.

Best Tracks: "Elevation Into Disintegration" (Awesome Breakdowns and a great intermezzo), "Human Error" (the bass solo found in here will break your guts, "Foetal Grindings" (awesome intro)

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Written by Herzebeth | 09.03.2006


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