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Band: Whorecore
Album: Protection
Release date: 2006

01. She's Wearing Their Skin
02. Engines Of Cremation
03. Sharing Together
04. Heros Fell Short
05. CtrlAltDel
06. They Couldnt Tell The Bodies Apart
07. Bleeding Wrists And Long Goodbyes
08. Chain Reaction
09. Severed Wings
10. Ether
11. 8 Directions
12. X
13. HIV Positive
14. Vertibrates
15. Breaking Point
16. Infection Complete

I grew interest in this band when I saw Scott Hull mixed their debut album Protection; the fascinating part is that I never imagined Whorecore would be this good believe me; their music is just a crushing punch in your ears that will literally knock you out over and over again. So be prepared for one of the most hostile and ingenious releases this year.

It's Grindcore my friends, so if you're expecting to hear "strawberry flavored" metal just stop reading right now; Whorecore is a pummeling machine delivering astonishing drum beats, super catchy tones and violent guitar riffs; I really loved this kind of structure, the music is really insane most times but there are enough breakdowns and catchy bridges in the album for the audience to say "Fuck!! This album rocks more than a 15 bitches gangbang".

The balance shown in Protection is just overwhelming; and the best part comes in the songwriting segment, these guys manage to add catchy interludes and all those features but as fast as a human goes, and that is just amazing if you ask me. In fact (excepting the last track and "X") the whole album is fast as hell and I mean it; 1000m/h riffs and beats, but always keeping the groove and catchiness in front of everything.

There are a lot of good tracks inside this CD; actually, I'll be honest, most of the tracks found in Protection are incredible, yes there are a couple of overused tunes, for example "ether" which is a little out of the overall scheme presented in the album; but you'll get tons of other great tracks like the complex and intricate "Severed Wings", the insanely brutal "She's Wearing Their Skin" and even a really experimental (mid-paced) song called "Infection Complete", I actually can't think of a superior way to close this great album.

I can't explain how good this album is; it is not a perfect CD you know? it has some flaws as any other album, but it's shocking when I think of it as a debut piece (and an independent release of course) if you know what I mean. Once they finish polishing their capabilities damn I can't even imagine what these guys will do next; I just hope they don't go backwards or something because they really have awesome potential.

the most promising band I've heard this year!

Best Tracks: "She's Wearing Their Skin", "HIV Positive", "Infection Complete", "Severed Wings".

Written by Herzebeth | 16.03.2006



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17.05.2006 - 02:03
This really is a brilliant album, thanks for the review.... And thanks for bringing them to my attention...
17.05.2006 - 03:00
Account deleted
Said it before, say it again. Greta review, great band.
17.05.2006 - 10:51
Whorecore rules....Pride of Israel!
14.12.2006 - 08:29
This band is more brutal than drowning in the toilet. Anyone know where I can get their cd? The merch section on their website is under construction.
05.02.2007 - 20:18
Account deleted
it's a great album
their shows kicks ass as well!
06.02.2007 - 20:19
Written by Dangerboner on 14.12.2006 at 08:29

This band is more brutal than drowning in the toilet. Anyone know where I can get their cd? The merch section on their website is under construction.

Im really dumb when it comes to ordering stuff, but their website is useless, try their myspace page by searching whorexcore

Lol, I browsed the site saying that they had a show in January and got really excited but later looked to see that the site wasnt updated for a year
06.02.2007 - 22:57
Yeah, I talked with the band and they told me that right now, Paypal is the only way to buy their album. I don't have Paypal, so...
15.03.2007 - 23:20
Account deleted
this band fucking rocks!!! they just fuck ur brain out in their show
great cd !


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