Iconofear - The Unbreathing review

Band: Iconofear
Album: The Unbreathing
Release date: 2006

01. Human Will
02. The Unbreathing
03. Blinded Ways
04. We Sleep In Silence

"The Unbreathing" is the 3rd demo of Iconofear a band that comes from Finland and that some of you, loyal readers of Metal Storm, already know. Iconofear plays Power Metal with the typical musical touches and sonorities that we find in a lot of productions from this country but their Power Metal isn't so happy. Don't expect some Flower Power here, "The Unbreathing" is dark, really dark…

This is the principal difference between Iconofear and the majority of the others bands that play Power nowadays, they don't play something that sound like "we killed a dragon, we're happy now, and we're all friends"… It's Power, with fast riffs and catchy melodies but the music is Dark and the Keyboards lines help a lot on this point. Though, sometime the keyboards can even give a Progressive sound. It's not super original on a side but there is something new too in the music of Iconofear.

Of course "The Unbreathing" isn't perfect and I regret a bit that it is too much influenced by the Finish Metal scene. Don't read that Metal from this country is bad, of course not, but I still can't understand why a lot of Metal bands from there all have this really similar sound, their originality pay the price… It's a bit sad because today bands must be original (I know it's like impossible but still) and if the compositions of Iconofear could have some points a bit different I really believe that the band could become really big. If they can just try to do a little break with Finish Metal influences it will probably pay for them.

All is not perfect on this demo, but for sure Iconofear is better than a lot of bands that release albums nowadays. After three demos it's time now, in my opinion, to release an album and since that they have a good potentiallity, I believe that a label will find soon a real interest in this band. Time will tell, but you're all welcome, if you like Power Metal of course, to try this band and support them if you like it.

Written by Jeff | 11.04.2006


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