Scream Silence - Saviourine review


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Band: Scream Silence
Album: Saviourine
Release date: 2006

01. Narrowness
02. Finite State
03. Homecoming
04. Creed
05. Verity
06. Nonentity
07. The Void
08. Like The Upcoming Coldness While You´re Drowning In Yourself And Try To Gasp
09. Beloved Sweet Curse
10. The Fright
11. YON

Scream Silence is a really strong gothic rock/metal act hailing from Germany. I met them with "To Die Forů", a really dark and esoteric album that had intense Dreadful Shadows references. I had loved this album back then and followed the band throughout the years and I saw a will to evolve and form a more personal sound.

2006 arrived and Scream Silence managed to release their new attempt, "Saviourine", an album that impressed me from the very first moment I listened to it. The Dreadful Shadows passages are still there, but the band seems to have formed a distinctive sound by now, something I deeply appreciated along with the brilliant and deeply emotional music.

So, these German gothic rockers embrace 2006 with a really strong album that has the power to drown you in a sea of tears without any shadow of doubt. Every single sound seems to have been placed in the right moment and all of them together form small melancholic stories that can touch you deeply. The album opens with "Narrowness" and its doleful violin passages start weaving a suicidal siren's song in the most beautiful and tragic way. And thus the album goes on and all the elements partaking in this sound portrait of sorrow become a part of the listener steadily and intensively. The guitar work is really good, based on gothic rock riffing but tending to sound heavily distorted lending a more metal-driven edge to the compositions, escalating the emotional charge of the songs. Every guitar part, whether it is acoustic in the gothic rock harmonics, moves in gothic rock driven riffing ideas or sounds more metal-driven lends a different dynamic to the songs, the ideal one in my opinion since it seems that the band did its best.

For the guitars to unfold their work in a more vivid way a really good rhythm section is needed and Scream Silence's rhythm section succeeds in either keeping the tempo in a fragile way or sound more powerful when it is needed, lending the ideal groove and pulse. And to make the whole atmosphere even stronger and more touching, except for the violin addition, the piano and the keyboard melodies, along with some electronic references, enter to adorn the whole soundscape with their tunes and dress the already emotionally burdened feeling of the songs. And then comes the moment to talk about the singer, he definitely has one of the most heart-rending and fragile voices I have ever heard for some time now, he gives the melancholic lyrics an exceptional feeling in the way he interprets them. He definitely pours his soul through his vocal lines.

A really good thing on "Saviourine" is the fact that some songs are connected, something positive that makes the album flow even better. Now, some of you would like me to mention some highlights, so here are some songs that won't disappoint you, not at all: the bitter and esoteric opener "Narrowness", the farewell song of the album that can make internal tears flow, "Yon", the emotional and intense "Homecoming" and \"Like The Upcoming Coldness While You\'re Drowning In Yourself And Try To Gasp\", the touching "Nonentity\", the upbeat \"The Fright\" or the more fragile "The Void" etc.

We haven't even reached the half of 2006 and Scream Silence with "Saviourine" have assured me that they are one of the best gothic acts for 2006, open your ears and your heart to this fabulous band, they deserve it!


Written on 18.04.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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26.06.2013 - 16:18
This album has grown on me SO MUCH since 2006... Now I love it and is one of my favourites.

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