Minus 45 Degrees - Mute review

Band: Minus 45 Degrees
Album: Mute
Release date: 2005

01. sKöRt
02. mUtE
03. nAiL Of iCe
04. vErSuS
05. mAcHiNe
06. iN-DiVe
07. aRmOuReD tAiL
08. rAvEn / tHe wOrLd aNd yOu aNd i
09. sIlEnT HiLl
10. sE7En
11. jEwEl

It is often hard for a reviewer to describe the music on an album in a way that is clear and easily understandable for the reader. In the case of Minus 45 Degrees' Mute; however, it is very simple. The band basically takes Converge and Tool and mixes them together in more or less equal amounts. If you like either of these bands, or better yet - both of them, this album will definitely be to your liking since luckily M45D also manages to find their own identity among the hero worship.

As a matter of fact, this is a rare case of an album where although the influences are easily audible, they in no way take away from the originality of the band itself. M45D use elements of noisecore and alternative metal as mere building blocks for their own personal sound. And this works. Just check out the melodic parts of "Nail Of Ice" and how they contrast with the song's overall chaotic approach. Or how the thrash part in "Armoured Tail" makes you want to headbang here and now. Every song here has some sort of interesting highlight in it and since they are both quite complex musically and intriguing lyrically, repeated listens will be very fun since they will reveal new things that we might have omitted before. In fact the only bad thing I can say about this album is that somehow it still sounds a bit underdeveloped and the band should perhaps work on making their abrasive side even more extreme and their melodic side more refined. I am sure they will do this on their next release so I am awaiting it with anticipation.

If you ever wished that Converge ventured into melodic territories more often or that Tool had a vicious extreme side, Mute is an album for you.


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