Hanoi Rocks - Oriental Beat review


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Band: Hanoi Rocks
Album: Oriental Beat
Release date: 1982

01. Motorvatin'
02. Don't Follow Me
03. Visitor
04. Teenangels Outsiders
05. Sweet Home Suburbia
06. M.C. Baby
07. Law And Order
08. Oriental Beat
09. Devil Woman
10. Lightnin' Bar Blues
11. Fallen Star

After their legendary and highly influencial debut album, "Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks", Hanoi Rocks returned one year after, during 1982, with their second full-length attempt, "Oriental Beat". With this release they made their name more well-known while "motorvatin'" the world with their wild mood and groove!

What can someone easily notice from the very first listen of the album is that the whole feeling is more upbeat, the compositions are groovier and rock a whole lot more with the members of the band being in a rock n' roll ecstasy; even the lunatic cover prepares the listener for this rock n' roll assault! I really adore the way the bass lines lend their pulsating sound to the compositions along with the tempo-keeping and ultra groovy drumming, that's one of the most important reasons, of course, why the album sounds more danceable and rolling indeed, more imposing at times as well, something I appreciated a lot! Sami Yaffa and Gyp Casino for one more time did a fabulous work on the rhythm section factor, pacing in perfect harmony with Andy McCoy and Nasty Suicide's ultra dirty riffing! This time the guitar work sounds a whole lot better and has a kind of a sharper edge, everything seems well-executed and well-put in the compositions making the whole atmosphere filled with energy! Michael Monroe's vocal sound more mature and he gives it all once again! He sounds so vivid and so much into the lyrics that you can't imagine Hanoi Rocks with another vocalist, whether he sounds dirtier and more upbeat or more melodic he always tends to interpret the lyrics the way he has to. Of course the harmonica, the piano and the saxophone couldn't be missing, they are present and they make the glamorous yet so decadent aesthetic of Hanoi Rocks more present, more alive and in the most appropriate way!

The album has definitely a lot to say and to tell the truth it's another Hanoi Rocks and glam rock classic! From the dynamite opening "Motorvatin'" and "Teenangels Outsiders" to the rock n' roll attitude of "Sweet Home Suburbia", from the esoteric piano-driven ballad "Fallen Star" to the Clash oriented "No Law Or Order" (not only the music reminds the mid-period of The Clash, Monroe brings forth vocals memories of Joe Strummer as well!) and from the groovy "Visitor" and "M.C. Baby" to the ultra dirty with the imposing drumming "Oriental Beat" the album will take you on a rock n' roll journey filled with sex drugs, neon lights and rock n' roll!

Well, keep your hair in shape and go purchase "Oriental Beat" without any second thought!

"So so give me, give me, Give me sex and give me drugs
Give me all the love that you've got
Give me your money, give me your home
Give me everything you've got..."

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 9


Written on 24.05.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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