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Band: Pyramaze
Album: Legend Of The Bone Carver
Release date: February 2006

01. Era Of Chaos
02. The Birth
03. What Lies Beyond
04. Ancient Words Within
05. Souls In Pain
06. She Who Summons Me
07. The Bone Carver
08. Bring Back Life
09. Blood Red Skies
10. Tears Of Hate
11. Flame And Retribution [Japanese bonus]

Well there is not much to add on Jeff's review but still I think this band is so good, the album is so perfect, that I would like to add my thoughts to this board about this album/band.

I "discovered" Pyramaze by accident, downloaded (from their website 3 songs from the Melancholy Beast album and 1 from Legend of the Bone Carver. I never stopped listening to those tracks and decided to give the albums a go. I bought them at the same time and I'm listening to them now, again and again...I can't stop.

Legend of the Bone Carver is a concept album; a story is being told. It's not the most original story, about "good" fighting "evil" with the help of an unknown child "The Bone Carver." The story is simple enough to follow, accompanied by really perfect music and vocals. The band shows that they are master musicians and that they can make a perfect album. Not easy to listen to, but addictive beyond imagination.

All the tracks are of exceptional quality but still there are 3 favorites on it for me:
She Who summoned me: Baladlike, calm song with great keyboards and fantastic vocals (both by Lance King and Christina Øberg)
Bring Back Life: really catchy melody by the keyboards, powerfull guitars and singing, fast & furious but still very melodic.
Souls in Pain: the song that I downloaded from their website, I fell in love with it instantly...

I'm a music addict, always on the look out for new quality bands. I had to wait a long time to find a band that could completely satisfy my musical needs again; Paramyze does it all!! No question about it, both albums are worth every penny they cost. I have a little preferation for Legend of the Bone Carver as it is a little more melodic. So type in the address of your online cd shop and order these beauties...I promise you, you will not regret it, on the contrary you will be like me waiting impatiently for Pyramaze's next release!!!



Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by Olddoggie | 20.06.2006


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"Legend Of The Bone Carver" or the return of our Danish mates of Pyramaze. I remember that I wrote a review of their precedent album "Melancholy Beast" in 2004 and that the same year, our Wrathchild did a really cool and friendly interview with the band at Raismefest . So you can understand that I'm extremely happy to have to write the review of their new album today, first it's the proof that the band is still alive but also that the band is growing too. "Melancholy Beast" was a good surprise, "Legend Of The Bone Carver" confirms all the potential of the band.

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10.10.2010 - 01:02
Really good album!

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