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Band: Savatage
Album: Edge Of Thorns
Release date: April 1993

01. Edge Of Thorns
02. He Carves His Stone
03. Lights Out
04. Skraggy's Tomb
05. Labyrinths
06. Follow Me
07. Exit Music
08. Degrees Of Sanity
09. Conversation Piece
10. All That I Bleed
11. Damien
12. Miles Away
13. Sleep
14. Forever After [Japanese bonus]
15. Shotgun Innocence [Japanese bonus]
16. Believe [Acoustic version] [1997 Edel Music CD reissue bonus]
17. Forever After [2002 SPV CD reissue bonus]
18. Conversation Piece [Live In Rehearsal] [2002 SPV CD reissue bonus]
19. All That I Bleed [Acoustic version] [2010 EarMusic CD reissue bonus]
20. If I Go Away [Acoustic version] [2010 EarMusic CD reissue bonus]

"Edge Of Thorns" is Savatage's 8th studio album. It is their first work with Zak Stevens on vocals and their last with Criss Oliva on guitar: Criss died in a car accident on October 7th, 1993 after this release. His tragic death marked a terrible period for his bandmates, expecially for his brother Jon, who decided to bring Savatage to an end. Fortunately he changed his mind after the release of "Handful Of Rain", which was meant to be Savatage's post script.

This album is excellent. Since the first track you can hear a perfect balance between delicate melodies and heavy distorted riffs: a good songwriting. All the rhythm and lead guitars are masterly played, Criss was a genius.
Zak's vocals are outstanding: he can sing expressive ballads as well as an unbelievable final part in He Carves His Stone (you've got to hear him!). He is really one of my favourite vocalists.

The only thing I hate about "Edge Of Thorns" is the use of a disgusting electronic drumset: a stupid production choice.
For those who don't know this wonderful band, it's hard to give a definition of Savatage's style. Do they play Progressive Metal? They play Heavy Metal & Piano (do you know Meat Loaf's "Bat Out Of Hell"?). This is probably the best definition.
There are some heavy ballads ('Follow Me', 'All That I Bleed'), some hard rock tunes ('Lights Out', 'Conversation Piece') but the coexistance of piano, keyboards and heavy warm guitars is just unique: listen to the instrumental called 'Labyrinths'!

"Edge Of Thorns" is a mature work and it represents another progress in the musical evolution of this unique band.

Written by The Silent Man | 29.09.2003


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15.07.2007 - 08:27
I never really noticed the electronic drum set (and even after listening to it again I cant say that I can tell). Great review though, I agree with everything else 100%.
14.04.2009 - 12:25
Never noticed there was a review for this album. Great album anyway, review is also on spot.
03.05.2009 - 21:45
Written by DayFly on 14.04.2009 at 12:25

Never noticed there was a review for this album. Great album anyway, review is also on spot.

Me too... though I find the electric drums things weird; I didn't notice it.
08.07.2009 - 15:57
Which electrical drums! I love this album on of my favorite Savatage albums
12.09.2011 - 17:30
Mountain King
K i K o
Third best Savatage album i guess...

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