Frontline - Circles review

Band: Frontline
Album: Circles
Release date: 2006

01. No One
02. I Give You The Rest
03. Save Me
04. Did You Ever (Taste The Pain)
05. Say, What You Have To Say
06. Don't Run Away
07. Hunter
08. Into Deep
09. It Is You
10. My Vision

I hope that you like Hard Rock dudes, because today we will have a look on "Circles" the last album of Frontline, one the older Hard Rock combos from Germany. If this release is extremely classic and not really original on the other hand, it works, especially if you like this kind of music. I won't say that "Circles" is the best album of the band, I won't say that it is a perfect release but there are a lot of good things on it and I'm quite sure that a lot of you will find a real interest on this album.

The thing that I really like with "Circles", is this really melancholic aspect in the music. The band still plays Hard Rock of course but the majorities of the songs use mid-tempo and have a really dark atmosphere. The music and the lyrics are a bit sad yes, but it doesn't mean that the melodies lack of intensity. At the opposite, it's hard to forget the really catchy and melodic chorus of some songs like "No One" or "It Is You". It's Melodic Hard Rock after all and well if it doesn't avoid a lot of clichés, at least Frontline manages to play something well structured and solid. If you like a band like Shakra I'm quite sure that you'll love this band too, but as I said before, for an Hard Rock release "Circles", is dark and not so jumpy and maybe that some really kick ass songs are missing.

The production is not the best one and sometime the voice of the singer is a bit weak. Though it's not really problematic because Stephan Kämmerer is a good singer and with this kind of albums anyway the general ambiance is the principal important thing in my opinion and here this general ambiance is good and gives good feelings. But well, I regret that it lacks of power sometime and at the end, some songs can be a bit cold and boring…

"Circles" is probably not the best release of the band, but it works and some of the songs are just catchy. Their melancholic music is really cool (but it will probably depend regarding your musical preferences) so if you want some cool Hard Rock, you can go for this release, I really doubt that you'll be disappointed.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 11.06.2006


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