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Band: Autopsy
Album: Dark Crusades
Release date: May 2006

Disc I
01. 1988 Rehearsal, San Francisco Show
02. Nighttown, Rotterdam Show
03. San Pedro, California Show
04. Hong Kong Cafe, L.A. Show
05. Ruthless Inn, San Francisco Show [last-ever gig]

Disc II
01. Stone, San Francisco Show
02. Tour Diary And Behind The Scenes Footage
03. Tortured Moans Of Agony [Video Clip]

It's always good to see that a label decides to release an official DVD of an old cult band. This time, this is the turn of the British Peaceville Records to release a DVD of the great Death Metal band from USA, Autopsy. I will not talk about the band, I'm quite sure that everybody know them anyway, I will not talk about their music too, we all know that the band played a great Death Metal but I will talk about the DVD… and its average quality.

On the DVD box, you can read a big disclaimer that says that this DVD is a compilation of home video recording and that the quality is not so good. Believe me, that's right "Dark Crusades" is a really amateurish recording. That's simple the majority of the videos aren't good with bad videos angles or pixelation and the sound is terrible (except maybe on concerts "The Stone" and "Ruthless Inn" but here this is the videos that are horrible.). You'll be able to find some home footage and three concerts that will all feature the hits of the band but don't forget that it is something that was recorded with a basic camera and unfortunately it's really hard to hear anything….

I must admit that the 2nd DVD (the one with "The Stone" and "Ruthless Inn") is probably better than the first one. But the menus are really simple and even the extras are anecdotic so really except if you're a fan who really want to know how was the shows of the band, I don't see why you should buy this DVD.

The concept of this DVD isn't bad because it's always good for the fans to have the luck to watch this kind of "personal" videos but the quality is so bad that it's just really hard to watch this DVD. Nobody is saying that Autopsy is a bad band, nobody is saying that their songs suck, at the opposite, but the really amateurish recording quality of the DVD just kill the performance of the band. For fans only…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 2

Written by Jeff | 17.06.2006



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17.06.2006 - 13:25
Freaky Admin
I just want to add that if people don't mind about the quality of the video and recording, good no problem after all, that's their problem... And who care? everybody is free to buy and like everything...

But even if you're a fan, don't be blind too. I like Autopsy... but this DVD is like a poor bootleg and I won't say that it is good only because I like the band... Some objectivity never kills...

I say it again, I'm not saying that the performance and the songs of the band are bad (we all know how was Autopsy right?). This is just the quality of the video and recording that is awful and people must know it before that they buy this DVD (and of course if you don't care, you can buy this DVD no problem)...
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