Various Artists - 10th Year Of Obscene Existence review

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Band: Various Artists
Album: 10th Year Of Obscene Existence
Release date: May 2005

01. Squash Bowels - Dead Field
02. Ingrowing - Blind Light
03. Extreme Noise Terror - Short Fuse
04. Abortion - Weapons For All
05. Abortion - American Dream
06. N.C.C. - Neurotransmitter...
07. Cripple Bastards - omb Abc No Rio
08. Cripple Bastards - Respect Or Death
09. Phobia - Extremity Of The Will
10. Phobia - Exterminate To Emancipate
11. Abortion - The End Is Near
12. Squash Bowels - Vulture Ritual
13. Fleshless - Screams Of Decapitated
14. N.C.C. - Technology Spells Doom For Popular Relationship-Maintaining
15. Isacaarum - Rhytmic Balls
16. Dead Infection - Raping The Earth
17. Ingrowing - The Darkness Inverted
18. Squash Bowels -Flesh Grinder
19. Garbage Disposal - Mind-Grind Machine
20. Abortion - God Loves Ignorant
21. Kaviar Kavalier - Exzess In San Salvador
22. N.C.C. - One Thing Is Sure
23. Squash Bowels - Breaking Those Who Suspend To Talk...
24. Fleshless - Red Stars Hypocrisy
25. Isacaarum - Teenage Cunt Powerplay
26. Ingrowing - Dreams Torn Asunder
27. Cripple Bastards - Cleaning My Ass With Zips & Chains
28. Lykathea Aflame - Land Where Sympathy Is Air
29. Fleshless - A Dank Smell Of Rotting Ovulation
30. Impetigo - Dear Uncle Creepy
31. Isacaarum - Arts Of Farts
32. Gride - I Hate Her
33. Squash Bowels - Stranger Mind : Possessed -Amsend - Passage
34. Fleshless - Evil Odium
35. Agathocles - Hunt Foxhunters
36. Malignant Tumour - Low Life
37. Decomposed - Sadists [bonus]
38. Psychopathia - Extreme Emotions[bonus]
39. Malignant Tumour - Situs Viscerum Inversus Totalis[bonus]
40. Malignant Tumour - Chemical And Bacterial Analysis Of Cadaver[bonus]
41. Hermaphrodit - Urogenital Sauce With Beef Genital [bonus]
42. Hermaphrodit - Consumption Of Milk, Eggs, Fat And Meat Increased About 15% [bonus]

"10 years since first official release was published are definitely sunken in the past" Curby, the owner of Obscene productions, writes in the layout f this CD. After ten years of crushing our heads, Obscene Productions releases a compilation with the most violent cuts from their most violent bands which signed a deal with this label. This CD has 20 bands and 42 tracks in it so I really think it would be useless for me to review each band of the compilation right? So I'll just talk about this as a whole.

The album will deliver classic bands such as Impetigo, Agathocles and Squash Bowels; with those bands you already have a proof of this album's intensity and viciousness, but what about the other bands? We all know Fleshless right?, these guys are one of the most brutal bands ever to walk the earth, they added a good amount of cuts in this album so I'm sure every brutal fan will be pleased by this band.

I remember hearing a band called Lykathea Aflame in the past, their album "Elvenefris" shocked me intensely actually, fortunately there's a song by them in this compilation…their best song if you ask me "Land Where Sympathu Is Air" (the opener of their album). Talking about bizarre and technical music, you will also hear several songs from a really odd band called Negligent Collateral Collapse, you remember them right? If you don't you should really look for them as they are more worthwhile than a disease-free hot prostitute.

I could go on forever mentioning names like Abortion, Malignant Tumour, Extreme Noise Terror, Isacaarum, etc. But I don't want to spoil the party; the truth is "10th Year of Obscene Existence" is one hell of a compilation of one of the most respected labels in history. I was also glad to hear music from the cult band called Hermaphrodit, they became cult only for being the first release on this Czech label can you believe it? They are actually amazing though, really fucking raw and brutal but quite overwhelming.

All in all, this album is totally perfect for those metal parties with your drunken friends who claim to know every metal band in this planet; at least it's cooler than the windows media player you know? This album was specially made for collectionits and hardcore aficionados of any of the bands presented in this compilation; it is also the perfect way to show the greatness of this label…but that's it, chances are you already have most of this tracks in your pile of CD's for sure.

Best Tracks: Too many to say.

Written by Herzebeth | 23.06.2006



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23.06.2006 - 19:38
great album, graet compilation.
I'm a huge fan of Squash Bowels
24.06.2006 - 17:52
Account deleted
a masterpiece for all grinders

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