Anarchus - Split Live In Japan review

Band: Anarchus
Album: Split Live In Japan
Release date: 2005

01. Disaster
02. Dehydrated By Chorrillo
03. Dark Side Of The Force
04. Huracarana
05. Quebradora En Lo Alto / Pandemonium
06. Smash The State, Destroy The Capital, Burn The Church
07. Old School
08. Arnold Schwarzenegger Is A Racist Pig
09. Acid Rain
10. World Under My Fingernail (Fear Of God)
11. Cacofonia

12. No Fear To Sin / 500 Years Of Infamy
13. Money For God
14. Beyond Good And Evil
15. Supreme Creation
16. Gone With The Flames / Intolerance And Fanatism
17. Never Ending War
18. Entity In The Room
19. The Truth / Factory Of Lies
20. Stay Out Of The Line
21. No Estamos Conformes [Massacre 68 cover]

I have to say I'm quite impressed by this Split; first of all because the featured bands are two of the most worshiped bands in Mexican metal history; the other thing that amazed me was their live performance, let me tell you, this is totally the kind of guys I want to see at a concert, a bunch of masked guys just playing music, telling bad Spanish jokes to a crowd that does not understand a single Spanish word and generally speaking having lots of fun doing what they do.

The music is of course really intense Grindcore with a lot of Death Metal overtones, the songs are violent as fucking hell and the general scheme is really entertaining. But what I love the most about this live Split is the spoken fillers between tracks; I wish every live album could have this kind of things, I mean instead of the classic "thank you Montreal we love y'all" we get "This next song is about wrestling, We think you guys love wrestling…and…uhm… well…Japan is a cool play to wrestle, specially when you get dehydrate by chorrillo" dude don't you love this stuff? As the audience doesn't comprehend what the band is talking about they get nervous and start talking about crazy shits. Chorrillo by the way is the vulgar nickname of Diarrhea.

Cacofonia and Anarchus have partially the same members you know? So I can imagine the guys playing with wrestling masks in the first half of the gig and then when they say "Next band is Anarchus, hold on tiny friends" they just turn their heads and instantly take their masks off so people don't recognize them, this is just brilliant stuff if you ask me. The second half of the Split has a better structure and the music sounds way more polished than before; so Anarchus is, musically, a more serious band than Cacofonia, but the fillers are still hilarious.

I personally loved this Split, and I think every Grindcore fanatic will find at least some things to worship in here. You won't find prodigious music at all, but I can assure you'll hear one of the most entertaining Grindcore performances ever. The only turn-off is a guitar squealing in the background, I guess it was just a bad EQ but whatever, the rest of this album is really fucking great.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Production: 7

Written by Herzebeth | 05.07.2006



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06.07.2006 - 07:36
Account deleted
kind'a liked Cacofonia's songs, haven't got the chanse to listen to Anarchus, anyway any 8+ album reviewed by Herz gets a chanse with me.
06.07.2006 - 16:39
Yeah dudes, I really think you'll like this album...

@disembowelment: this is a great live Anarchus show, so I'm sure you'll be pleased

@MO: hermano you'll fucking laugh in a lot of parts every mexican dude has to have this album trust me
06.07.2006 - 20:21
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Nice, gonna get it then, these are hard to find, but i'll try.

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