Megadeth - Risk
30 August 1999

01. Insomnia
02. Prince Of Darkness
03. Enter The Arena
04. Crush 'Em
05. Breadline
06. The Doctor Is Calling
07. I'll Be There
08. Wanderlust
09. Ecstasy
10. Seven
11. Time: The Beginning
12. Time: The End
13. Duke Nukem Theme [Japanese bonus]

Risk is crap. Here it is, I won't have to say it again. Dave Mustaine's jealousy of Metallica's succe$$ has blinded him. He has completely gone astray in his quest for radio broadcasting.
We all knew that the times of Megadeth playing speed-thrash were over since Countdown to Extinction, but hell, Youthanasia was a very good heavy metal album and Cryptic Writings contained great moments. Megadeth used to belong to the Big Four of Thrash, they don't have the right to release such a soup. You can expect that kind of album from a glam-rock band, but not from guys that have dominated metal genres all over the 90's.

Risk does not only suck, it is also soft and lifeless. Where are the fast riffs, the great guitar solos, the filthy voice we were used to? No aggressivity here, just flat songs and honeyed ballads. Yet it did not start too bad: "Insomnia" has a charming taste of India, "Prince of Darkness" owns a disturbing melody and "Crush'em" is heavy and (for once) aggressive. These songs are good ones but not really in the Megadeth spirit. But after that, everything collapses... "Breadline", "The Doctor Is Calling", "Wanderlust"... some songs you will never see played live, as they are not even worth being listened to. The award of the bad taste goes to "I'll Be There": a Bon Jovi-like ballad that sounds like the music of Friends (you know "I'll be theeeere foooor youuuuu"...). It makes me want to puke.

So my friends, hear my words of wisdom. The three commandments are:
1 Thou shalt stay away from Risk
2 Thou shalt never listen to Risk
3 Thou shalt not even look at Risk (you never know...)
If you alredy own this cd, maybe you should start wondering why all your friends have forsaken you. Give it to your worst enemy (I say give it, nobody is cruel enough to sell that, even to one's worst enemy)
The biggest failure of the century?

Highlights: Insomnia, Prince Of Darkness, Crush'Em

Band profile: Megadeth
Album: Risk


written by Deadsoulman | 22.09.2003

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Void Eater - 24.03.2011 at 07:15  
Maybe it's my inner Dave Mustaine fanboy, but I find this to be a decent album. No it's, not metal. Hell, it's not even hard rock, aside from Prince of Darkness. It's pure pop/rock, with the occasional electropop influence. Not what what would expect from the band that wrote Rust in Peace 9 years prior, but not bad. It's mindless catchy pop music- Not the kind of album that one would sit down and analyze, but the kind of music for driving, or backround music for a party. Besides, it's got Dave singing- Who doesn't love Dave's voice
LWR88 - 02.05.2011 at 08:42  
I listen to all different types of music, and I liked this album but I also had problems with it. I bought this when it first came out and without hearing anything from it. When I buy a Megadeth album, this isn't what I want to hear. If Dave Mustaine wants to get experimental he shouldn't do it using the Megadeth name. These songs should have been recorded by a Dave Mustaine solo band or something. Megadeth had been successful as a thrash metal/metal band and there wasn't any reason to mess with that. I have to admit that at the time I sort of saw this coming though, their albums had been getting more and more commercial up to this point. Thank God they got back to making metal after this.
Boxcar Willy - 10.12.2011 at 03:51  
hisham80 - 02.05.2013 at 03:20  
It is a good album as melody wise but as metal wise sucks indeed ..it could have been a solo album by Mustaine not by Megadeth.

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