Furious Zoo - Furioso III review

Band: Furious Zoo
Album: Furioso III
Website: http://www.hantson.com
Release date: 2006

01. Cold Like Ice
02. Into The Groove
03. Groovin' With J
04. Don't You Wanna Rock
05. I Might Lie
06. Needle In The Groove
07. Magic Tokyo Girl
08. What You Are To Me
09. Believe It Or Not
10. Feeling Low
11. You're There
12. Pas de Solution
13. Sex On The Telephone Line
14. Hendrix Medley (Foxy Lady / Purple Haze / Spanish Castle Magic) [Jimi Hendrix cover]
15. I Love You
16. Who Can Tell
17. Dernier Recours

I have to admit that the last Furioso wasn't something especially amazing for my ears. Well, it was good, Renaud Hantson is just a great singer (and drummer), but well for a Hard Rock album it was a bit too "pop" for me. Since the day that I published the review on Metal Storm, I had the luck to see Furious Zoo in Paris with Freak Kitchen, and one more time I will be honest, I took a big slap in my face. Renaud and his mates, Benoit Cousin and Cedric Le Coz were imply excellent and live, all the songs of the Furioso albums were really punchy, really "Hard Rock". With a lot of pleasure, and probably without any prejudices now, I'm doing the review of "Furioso III", a live album with some new original songs.

First, let's talk about the live performance of Furious Zoo. The nine tracks recorded live give a good image of the performances of the band live. It's really "Rock n Roll" if you see what I mean, the sound is good (even if I regret that the audience is a bit sleepy sometime) Renaud who sings and plays drums is extremely convincing and his two young musicians are simply impressive. It's pure Hard Rock, and live the voice of Renaud Hantson is a lot more powerful and heavy than on CD which means that "it is possible", Furious Zoo can be considered by Metalheads like a real band of Hard Rock without any prejudices in reason of Pop singer past of Renaud…

The new songs are also better in my opinions. I don't know if it comes from the influences of Benoit and Cédric, but now, we're into pure real Hard Rock. "Cold As Ice" for example is even not so far of Heavy Metal with its really cool when you know the old Furious Zoo songs (which are good I say it again, but too soft for me!). Actually, I'm even thinking now that Renaud Hantson will maybe release something a bit more "Heavy" (in the style) with the upcoming "Furioso IV"… Who know…

"Furioso III" is a really cool album of Hard Rock. Even if I cannot talk about a real new album, this live doesn't lack of punch, and the new songs are promising for the future of the band and I really hope now that this good French combo will have the luck to find the success that it deserves.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 06.09.2006


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