Wastefall - Soulrain 21 review


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Band: Wastefall
Album: Soulrain 21
Release date: 2004

Disc I
01. Soulrain
02. Stunned To The World
03. Empty Haven
04. Lullaby For The Gods
05. Lesser
06. Live With It
07. Summerlonging Angels
08. Self-Extinction Project
09. Riot Of Oblivion
10. 21
Disc II
01. Fountains Of Fire [bonus]
02. Numb Lake [bonus]
+ Stunned To The World (video)

Wastefall is a prog band coming from Greece. I don't know many bands from there except the also progressive band called Fragile Vastness. Soulrain 21 is Wastefall's second album, following their good debut album called Falling Stars And Rising Scars. This band is often compared to Pain of Salvation, mainly because the wonderful vocals of Domenik Papaemmanouil.

So I will start with the vocalist, Domenik is one of the most versatile singers I've ever heard. His vocal range is so wide, he starts the album singing heavy and aggressive. But as the album goes on you will hear his passionate and soft clean vocals. The thing I like the most about Domenik is that he sings his heart out. He gives emotion to every passage in this album. He is often compared to Daniel Gildenlöw so you can imagine how good Domenik is.

Wastefall's music is dark, atmospheric and a little symphonic. This is mainly thanks to the great work of the keyboardist and the violinist. Christos manages to keep a dark and gloomy atmosphere that suits the album's main concept. But their music is also aggressive and heavy; this is thanks to the work of the guitars, the bass and the drums. One of the high points of Wastefall is the bassist. Bassists are almost unnoticeable in the majority of metal bands, but it seems Nick doesn't like that stereotype since his playing is essential in this album.

Soulrain 21 is a concept album. It was April the 13th, a school bus in Greece was retuning from an excursion. Then it happened, a truck going the opposite way suddenly shed its load of timbre boards, crushing the bus' roof. Twenty-one students died. This album is like an homage to these innocent kids. This is why the music performance has to be accurate and according to the lyrics. And also this is why Wastefall is such a great band, since they can add the emotion needed according to the situation. This is why Domenik is such a great singer; it is his passion and delivery that really convey the passion of this music.

Too bad this band doesn't get the recognition it deserves. The previous album was very good and this one is outstanding. Although the songwriting can't be compared to PoS' they have very mature lyrics. Every metal fan should like this album, it's heavy and it's progressive.

Recommended Tracks: Empty Haven, Lullaby For The Gods, Summerlonging Angels and 21.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by DreamWeaver | 08.10.2006


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