Frontside - Twilight Of The Gods - A First Step To The Mental Revolution review


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Band: Frontside
Album: Twilight Of The Gods - A First Step To The Mental Revolution
Release date: 2006

01. Apocalypse Continues
02. Burden Of Hell
03. Messiah Syndrome
04. We Are Destined To Burn
05. Hurricane
06. Appeal For Forgiveness
07. Absolution Hour
08. Embrace This Promise
09. Shape Of Pain
10. Redemption Symphony
11. Exhaling Final Breath

When I first read on the cover of my promotional copy that Nergal of Behemoth said about Frontside (I'm quoting him) "This band proves that Metalcore may have big balls! Mindblowing energy with lots of melody. Awesome band!" I thought that I had in my hand something which was probably surprising and original, something new finally! Actually I will let you know it right now, "Twilight Of The Gods - A First Step To The Mental Revolution" is definitely not the good European answer to the leaders of the Metalcore scene, even if, I can't deny it, Frontside adds something new to the style.

Actually, we have good and bad things on this release. First, I have to admit that if Frontisde plays Metalcore (it's probably a variant then) they added some different new touches to this music and at the end, it looks more like a mix between pure Death and Nu Metal than anything else. It doesn't mean that it is perfect evidently but their music is, at least, different.

To describe the music I will have to say that the songs are on a side really violent with strong aggressive binary riffs, like real Death with in addition big powerful growls (and I can even add that sometime we're not so far away of Metal/Hardcore a la Hatesphere) but they also have a lot of Nu Metal touches with hyper melodic choruses and clean "sweety" vocals and it's not so far of emo stuff. This variation could be a good thing but at the end, since that the band is just going in 10 000... different directions, we don't have the catchiness of good Metalcore, we don't have real Death too and the melodic parts are unfortunately some not pertinent Nu Metal. Plus, all the songs are a bit the same so at the end, believe me it's quickly boring. Some songs can be interesting, it's not horrible and it can be catchy, but it's always a bit the same things, song after song so… Hoo and the singer will clearly have to stop to growl at the beginning of each songs. It's just extremely boring too…

I'm convinced that Frontside can write and play good music. But this album is not a success. Maybe that some die-hard Metalcore fans will find a real interest in this release but the majority of the Metalheads will just find it too messy to be attracted by it. We have good things like the violent Death parts (and I think that we can mix it with soft music) but the Nu Metal parts of the album are just bad. Frontisde will have to prove that they are able to release best stuff in the future…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 5
Songwriting: 5
Originality: 6
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 18.10.2006



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23.10.2006 - 06:48
Honestly, the band is actually good, unfortunately all there american/english albums are horrible. For instance there album ODPUŚĆ NAM NASZE WINY also titled Forgive our sins...supposed to be the same album one is polish other is english version...both totally different. They trying to commercalize there sound, I don't blame them but they are doing it the wrong way.

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