Hapax - Epílogo review

Band: Hapax
Album: Epílogo
Release date: June 2005

01. Intro
02. Mil Voces
03. Déjate Llevar
04. Nada Es Igual
05. Eternidad
06. Cuerpo De Cristal
07. Paraíso Oscuro
08. Instinto Animal
09. Maldito En La Noche
10. Libertad

Heavy metal
Spain 2005
Label: Producciones Malditas
Length: 40:10

I had never heard of Hapax before I was given their CD at the MetalWay festival, so I began by searching some info here and there on the Internet and found out this is the first album of this Spanish band, which several sites refer to as a thrash metal band. Thrash? Hum, if that's thrash then I'm blond - which I'm not, what were you thinking?

The songs on Epílogo vary from heavy to ballad material, with a slight but constant rock FM feel. Although the music is far from being bad and the compositions include several passages with everything needed to entertain the listener, that's not the case with the vocals. Óscar Lecina's slightly raunchy voice is good but not very well used. Not only it lacks pitch variations but also rhythm variations. It is not a very important problem but it still is a problem since some songs could have been catchier. Also, still about vocals, there's one thing that is really bad: backing vocals; not always in perfect tune.

All in all, this is a good album, with very few flaws. But while a song like the opener, Mil Voces, starting with such a heavy, greasy riff, makes me eager to listen to more of this, the excitement is slightly drowning after a couple of songs, due to the monotony of the voice. The album is a grower, you may need to listen to it many times before you enjoy it to the fullest. I think it should please newer Avalanch and WarCry fans, though Hapax and their debut album won't overcome their masters (yet).

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by wrathchild | 20.10.2006


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