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Band: Kemet
Album: The Rules Of Equilibrium
Release date: October 2006

01. Fuck With The Enemy [Per- version]
02. Saturday Night Sinner [Dis-Orient-Ated version]
03. My Favourite You (The Safe Death Of Daren Leone)
04. A Perfect Evidence
05. Mass Disorder (The Murder Of Father Hofman)
06. Soeur De Sang (The Murder Of Sarah F)
07. I'll Save The Universe (The Murder Of Eva Grey)
08. I Saved The Universe (The Murder Of Eva Grey)
09. Take You Back

In the musical world, especially with Metal, some bands just follow their road and never change their musical style. Some others at the opposite decide one day to do a radical turnover, and if it can be a good thing, it's also always a bit tricky. With "The Rules Of Equilibrium", the 3rd album of the band, Kemet chose the second solution and for sure their fans will be surprised, I think…

"The Rules Of Equilibrium" is extremely surprising, especially if you know the second album "The Night Before" which is a pure album of melancholic atmospheric gothic Metal (a bit like Katatonia). With "The Rules Of Equilibrium" Kemet decided to give a new orientation to its music, and you'll be able to listen to now an album which is a mix of pop, electro and gothic. Personally the album didn't catch me… Maybe that my musical tastes are too strict and classic but I don't know, some songs of the album just didn't give any positive vibes to myself. Of course a song like "Mass Disorder" with its slow and insistent loud riff in opposition of some nice female vocals was a really good moment for me (because it's a song in the spirit of the second album) but some others songs like "Saturday Night Sinner" and their pop orientation were extremely boring for me…

It will depend of your musical tastes actually, if you're not afraid of "weird" progressive music (I'm not talking about Dream Theater here of course) a bit like with the new The Provenance or The Gathering, you'll maybe like this album. But if you just don't like this kind of music, I'm sorry but I don't really believe that "The Rules Of Equilibrium" will help you to change your opinion. This album is just a hate or like one…

First I must congratulate the band because not a lot of people have the balls to do such radical turnover, but on the other hand the new music of Kemet will be extremely disturbing for their old fans, and let be honest it will probably be deceiving for some of them. It's really different with a lot of new sonorities and musical orientations so be prepared for the new Kemet…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 5
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 31.10.2006



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01.11.2006 - 02:14
Jonathan Tweet
Account deleted
if you just don't like this kind of music, I'm sorry but I don't really believe that you'll enjoy "The Rules Of Equilibrium".

01.11.2006 - 06:17
what jeff said made total sence.
01.11.2006 - 12:21
Freaky Admin
Anyway, I changed it a bit and it's better now : o)
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