Old Season - Volume One review


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Band: Old Season
Album: Volume One
Release date: June 2004

01. And Sands She Turned For Time
02. Mortals Of Mettle
03. The Claw
04. A Divine Plague
05. The Sky Burns
06. A Dwindling Seed

Old Season is a Doom Metal band, and like Mourning Beloveth they come from the country of Ireland. I don't know why British and Irish bands are so good to play "Doom" music, maybe that it comes from the "depressive" aspects that we can find in some of the cities of the countries, especially the industrial ones but it's a fact and Old Season follows this trend and "Volume 1", their first album is a nice release, especially if you like melodic "old school" Doom.

The music of Old Season is not Doom Death Metal, it's classic Heavy Doom which means that you'll not be able to find aggressive music on this release. At the opposite, in "Volume 1", it's a matter of melody, with of course melancholy and a lot of poesy. A song like "And Sands She Turned For Time" is a perfect example to describe the music of the band. With its really nice classy introduction, with its clean vocals on sad lyrics and superb melodies, this song is a real masterpiece that will please all the ones who like heavy music like ballads. That's the great point of this album, since that it's not extreme music and since that it's not so far away of Heavy Metal, a lot of Metalheads will enjoy the music of Old Season.

My only regret with "Volume 1" actually comes from the sound of the Keyboards. Don't understand that I don't want this instrument in the music of Old Season but it sounds a bit old and cheap and sometime I had the feeling that I was listening too an album a bit out of date. It's not really problematic for sure but some of you will find it a bit disturbing I thinků Also, without being bad, the recording isn't fantastic too. But, with the sound of the Keyboards, that's probably the only little problems of this release and anyway, the quality of music and its interpretation will quickly hides those little problems.

I didn't know Old Season before this release, but I can tell you that I found a really good band. Their Doom, full of poesy and emotion is really beautiful and if you like great melodic melancholic songs, you'll have to find a way to listen to this album. If they're able to release some similar albums in the future, I can tell you that the best will probably come from this promising Irish band. Don't miss "Volume 1" especially if you like classy Heavy Doom Metal.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 14.11.2006



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14.11.2006 - 21:56
This Old Season seems interesting enough, I'll try looking for it.
But why didyou said that the keyboard sounded a bit outdated ? I don't think there's an "Actual" keyboard sound or something.

Can it be compared to Candlemass or something ?
14.11.2006 - 22:07
Freaky Admin
You can compare it to a band like Forsaken

Try the song "And Sands She Turned For Time" (a real killer)

Here => http://www.myspace.com/oldseason

You'll see why I say that the keyboard sounds "old" (a bit like 80's keyboards which weren't able to do really nice and pure sound)
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11.12.2008 - 19:32
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
I just picked this album up and really like it.

I checked this band out because of the Mourning Beloveth connection. Frank Brennan who plays guitar and handles the clean vocals in Mourning Beloveth does ALL the clean vocals here in Old Season and doesn't play the guitar here at all so he can fully focus on his vocals.
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