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Band: Fleshless
Album: Sensual Death Immitation
Website: http://www.fleshless.xf.cz
Release date: 2003

01. Torture Me
02. Sensual Death Immitation
03. Scream of Decapitated
04. Incinerated
05. Parasites
06. Disconnected
07. Surrounded By Hell
08. Survival Extortion
09. Foetal Purulent

Classic Monster Of Obscene Productions: Highly Recommended!

Many bands change their genres after years of being faithful to just one; sadly many of those bands change from good stuff to mediocre rubbish, few are the ones who manage to progress in marvelous or unexpected levels. Fleshless is one of those bands; these Czechs used to play rabid Grindcore, the kind of music that makes your ears explode painfully while your neighbors call the cops, but 3 Grinding Full-Lengths were enough for this band. In 2003 they released an album that was so different and so fantastic that immediately caught the attention of Death-Metallers and music critics all over the world.

"Sensual Death Immitation" shows a polished band playing Death metal influenced by Grindcore, it sounds magnificent indeed right? But that wasn't enough for this band, they also add technicality towards their music, they managed to toss complex solos and multi-faceted structures in the whole album. Finally they came up with one of the most interesting and most brutal Death Metal releases that year.

The music has versatile tempos as well as irregular songwriting; Songs like "Scream Of Decapitated" or "Incinerated" demonstrate a huge mixture of patterns that go from a slow introduction to rabid drumming to super-catchy riffing to end with a shivering pause followed by crushing brutality. Then songs like "Parasites" and "Sensual Death Immitation" both discharge melodies and harmonies that turn the scheme of this album upside down making the listener stick to the very end just to know what happens next.

Fleshless became a very popular band after this album saw the light; it's more than obvious that Death fanatics must have "Sensual Death Immitation" in their shelves by now, but if you don't make yourself a favor and buy this masterpiece right now.

Best Tracks: "Sensual Death Immitation", "Incinerated", "Parasites", "Disconnected", "Surrounded By Hell", "Foetal Purulent"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Herzebeth | 20.11.2006



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21.11.2006 - 10:21
Mr. Noise
Sounds good to me. I once heard this stuff before I think, but shall download (and maybe buy) some stuff again.
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