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Band: Heed
Album: The Call
Release date: October 2005

01. Heed Hades
02. I Am Alive
03. Last Drop Of Blood
04. Ashes
05. Enemy
06. Salvation
07. Tears Of Prodigy
08. The Other Side
09. Hypnosis
10. Moments
11. The Permanent End Celebration
12. Nothing

After Daniel Heiman left Lost Horizon everybody had been wondering if Lost Horizon will still be able to make albums as good, and what will be done of that awesome voice. The second answer is in this album.

This is straight power metal. I can't think of any band that sounds like this but that is because I don't know if there is any power metal band that is so simple! Really, this looks like mainstream power metal. Every song has almost the same speed, same structure, and there aren't any memorable solos, although some are quite good. So why that "high" rating?

Daniel Heiman is a god. Really, he is the only reason to buy this album. He was better in Lost Horizon, but even though, he sounds like an angel here. I can't think of many vocalists better that this. At power metal he is unbeatable. Almost every chorus here is amazing only because of him. His voice is so uplifting and powerful that it's very difficult to not make a good album with him.

About the songs. Highlights are I am Alive and The Permanent End Celebration. Probably there is any other song, but towards the middle you see how each song is almost the same. Same structure. Same speed. There is only one ballad, Nothing, which shows us how Daniel Heiman can't sing mellow ballads, even though he is so good. That's probably the problem of the album. Everything is generic but the voice.

So this album is only for those that want to hear more of Daniel Heiman, since we don't know when Lost Horizon will release another album. But remember, this isn't Lost Horizon. Only get this if you really love Heiman's voice. If you don't like it, subtract 5 points, and you'll see how this record has nothing special, but the voice.

PD: If you never heard Lost Horizon, I recommend you not to risk. Get that first.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 9

Written by Talvi | 27.12.2006


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After that Daniel Heiman and Fredrik Olsson decided to leave Lost Horizon in 2004, they founded Heed a new combo of Power Metal. "The Call" is their first album, a really nice piece of Power Metal that flirts with Heavy and Hard Rock. Really catchy and intelligent this music will probably please the fans of the two musicians.

published 30.06.2006 | Comments (9)


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29.12.2006 - 14:44
i totally agree with the review, Heiman has a unique voice but he was much much better in LH... i hope his end dont be like Kiske

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