Virgin Steele - Visions Of Eden - The Lilith Project - A Barbaric Romantic Movie Of The Mind review


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Band: Virgin Steele
Album: Visions Of Eden - The Lilith Project - A Barbaric Romantic Movie Of The Mind
Release date: September 2006

01. Immortal I Stand (The Birth Of Adam)
02. Adorned with The Rising Cobra
03. The Ineffable Name
04. Black Light On Black
05. Bonedust
06. Angel Of Death
07. God Above God
08. The Hidden God
09. Childslayer
10. When Dusk Fell
11. Visions Of Eden

Virgin Steele is one of the most underrated bands out there. Their unique blend of Melodic Heavy Metal filled and classical influences - trademarked by a wide use of piano lines and the amazing voice of David DeFeis - has so far gathered only a handful of loyal fans.

Six years have passed since their last studio album, and now comes David's new opus, Visions of Eden, which, as it is customary with the New Yorkers, is a romantic saga. Fronted by master vocalist/pianist/composer David DeFeis, Virgin Steele has now established a stable lineup with Edward Pursino on guitars, Frank Gilchrist on drums and Josh Block on bass guitar.

All the elements present on previous Virgin Steele efforts are once more found here: beautiful piano melodies, shredding guitar solos, fantastic vocals. But above all what define the record are David's classical composition skills, which are unmatched in the Metal world to my knowledge. The force of their music probably resides in the fact that they manage to create complex songs with instruments emanating purity, whether it's David's voice, his piano sound or Edward's guitar sound.

In the continuity of masterpieces such as Invictus and the The House of Atreus saga, Visions of Eden already strikes me as full of Virgin Steele best moments. A song like "Adorned with the Rising Cobra" has nothing to envy from the finest tunes that David put out throughout the years. Meanwhile, the ballads "God Above God" and "When Dusk Fell" reach David's highest standards alongside songs such as "A Cry in the Night". The power songs of the album, among which "Bonesdust" and "Childslayer" stand out, have that Virgin Steele catchy effect written all over them.

Regarding the production, the usual DeFeis method has been used; Tune down the bass and drums lines and purify both the piano and guitar lines, while focusing on the vocals.

You don't know music if you do not enjoy this. Virgin Steele is a reference in terms of quality and Visions of Eden is once more a living proof of M. DeFeis genius. This band remains truthful to their established sound unlike so many other bands nowadays; and it is paying off big time. If I have to wait another six years for another album like this one, sign me up right now. Finally, in DeFeis typical own words: "For best results play at maximum volume"!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Production: 8


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20.12.2006 - 17:15
Southern Wind
Account deleted
This is a totally outstanding album, being only better the first part of "The House Of Atreus"... but well, that is the best power metal album ever written...
22.12.2006 - 01:29
Written by Guest on 20.12.2006 at 17:15

This is a totally outstanding album, being only better the first part of "The House Of Atreus"... but well, that is the best power metal album ever written...

for me,Invictus is the best power metal album ever
Visions of Eden is a totally awesome album also,it only lacks the punch of Invictus a little.
oh my fucking god, fucking dinosaurs
24.12.2006 - 02:11
Dark Cornatus
Ok i only own The House Of Atreus p1, and it is one of the worst albums i own, and that is mainly for the disgraceful keyboards. A 5 year old could do better.

Is this their best work as Southern Wind describes or not?
28.12.2006 - 20:01
Account deleted
It's not that I ever disliked any Virgin Steele album, but their records always had something missing, in my opinion. "Visions Of Eden......" was the first VS album that when I listened to it my jaw fell to the floor! A masterpiece! (jeez...I can't get enough of 'Childslayer'.....)
04.05.2007 - 23:48
The Voice
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This is dear bards from Krefeld, listen and learn!
28.03.2008 - 23:06
How can you describe any VS album as the "worst you own" ... over statement.

One of the finest bands on the planet, totally underrated and often compared to Manowar (dont understand why, except some screams sound similar) . Even though I am a fan of Manowar, VS totally eclipse them with their songwriting and performance. Every album is amazing
"I'm rising in power through murdering rain
Stronger than Faith allows
Braver than heroes vows
...My head is bloody
but I am unbowed
I am power..."
25.11.2008 - 02:59
Dark Seraphim
Every Virgin Steele album is special but for me Invictus and Visions of Eden are amongst the greatest albums ever written. Very inspirational. Here's to many more!!
24.12.2009 - 01:10
Heaven Knight
Daamn, i want this so much! but cannot find it anywhere
So behold the flight of the sapphire dragon
soaring through the skies once again

27.12.2011 - 20:43
Account deleted
I guess I have to listen this album once again... My favorite ones are The Marriage of Heaven and Hell saga

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