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Grave - Enraptured review


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Band: Grave
Album: Enraptured
Release date: November 2006

01. Intro
02. Deformed
03. Burn
04. You'll Never See
05. Turning Black
06. Christi(ns)anity
07. Breeder
08. Bullets Are Mine
09. Unholy Terror
10. Extremely Rotten Flesh
11. Rise
12. Soulless
13. By Demons Bred
14. And Here I Die
15. Heretic
16. Outro
17. Reborn Miscarriage
18. Into The Grave

[Bonus videos]
19. Rise [Live at Party.San Open Air 2004]
20. Into The Grave [Live at Party.San Open Air 2004]
21. Soulless [video clip]

As you probably already know, Poland and the label Metal Mind are now specialized in the realization of DVD. The low costs of production that you have in the country and the really good technical means that you can find there are extremely advantageous and interesting for the metal bands. After Anathema, Obituary, Tiamat and many other bands, this is now the turn of our Death Metallers of Grave to release their first DVD, "Enraptured".

As always with Metal Mind, we're in front of a pure live concert DVD. Don't expect a lot of bonus here, just an interview some pictures and information about the band and that's all, but on the other hand you'll be able to watch a real concert. During more than an hour and fifteen minutes, Grave plays all its classic, from their first or new albums. The venue was full of people and you can hear easily the crazy ambiance of the venue. Of course some of you will regret that some songs are missing, but their discography is so long that anyway, it's just impossible to have everything.

It's always a bit the same kind of production with the Metal Mind's DVD, and it's good. The image is clean as hell, it's possible to see all the musicians with a lot of different views but it's never too much and too fast. You can see the audience, you can see the band very well and the sound is really good. Even if the menu is extremely classic and even if you only have a concert on this DVD, well I think that it's a good DVD because after all when I buy a concert DVD I want to see a show and a long one, not some short live and a ton of useless bonuses.

If you like classic Swedish Death Metal, if you want to discover this band or if you're simply a fan of Grave, "Enraptured" is a must. This DVD is basic but well done and with a cool price (of course it's not a box a la Therion or Manowar after all) and we have a good concert. Fan of Death Metal, this DVD is for you and let's hope that Metal Mind will follow this really good idea with a lot of other bands.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 15.01.2007



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18.01.2007 - 16:22
Well, I was on that show and it was one of the best I've ever seen!
The DVD must be the killer!!!

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