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The Provenance - Still At Arms Length review


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Band: The Provenance
Album: Still At Arms Length
Release date: 2002

01. Climbing Ideals
02. Tearful, Bitter, Broken
03. Carousel Of Descent
04. The Ardberg Experience
05. Mimic
06. At Random Choose
07. World Of Hurt
08. At Arms Length

I would like to describe this as Technical/Progressive Gothic Metal with Melodic Death Metal influences, yep, that's it. The Provenance comes with their second effort, a more mature work, very hard to listen at first, it took me a while to understand it completely.

For all of you that never heard of The Provenance, take my definition above, and add to the mix beautiful female vocals [courtesy of Emma Hellstrom], clear/death male vocals, acoustic passages, a flute and a Hammond organ. Kinda weird mix, and that's why is so hard to listen at first, very complex compositions and lengthy songs.

The album opens with 'Climbing Ideals' great song, and things get better when 'Tearful, Bitter, Broken' comes in!, other of my favorites tracks are 'At Random Choose' and 'World of Hurt', really great songs. There's also a instrumental track 'The Adberg Experience', this has some jazzy moments [and a weird title], but overall is a very boring song.

If you like Gothic Metal and acts like Opeth, The Gathering, My Dying Bride, In Flames, get this one, you wont be sorry! It may sound a little weird at first, but with each listen, it grows on you.

Written by Undercraft | 29.09.2003


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