Einherjer - Blot review


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Band: Einherjer
Album: Blot
Release date: 2003

01. Einherjermarsjen
02. Ironbound
03. Dead Knight's Rite
04. Wolf-Age
05. The Eternally Damned
06. Ware Her Venom
07. Hammar Haus
08. Starkad
09. Ride The Gallows
10. Ingen Grid
11. Berserkergang
12. Venomtongue

The mighty Vikings of Metal are back, and after more than 10 years of career they deliver us their fourth album "Blot" (Blood in Norwegian), the line-up has changed this time, and Einherjer is reduced to a three piece band, also Frode Glesnes originally on guitars is taking the vocals duties and he does it with style! Gone are the clear vocals, and we only have Glesnes very peculiar grunt.

The album opens with a great epic intro, just to be followed by the first real song, "Ironbound" fantastic opener, filled with symphonic elements and epic arrangements, Viking Metallers at their finest hour!
"Dead Knight's Rite" is a strange song, but very catchy, it haves a very distinctive riff all through the song.
The real surprise of the album comes with "Wolf-Age" one of the highlights of this little jewel, a fast paced song, with great tempo changes and a catchy chorus! Wolf Ageeee!!!

"Ware Her Venom" is another killer song that was featured in their 2002 promo Cd (along with "The Eternally Damned" and "Dead Knights Rite"), "Hammar Haus" is a song that have like 4 tempo changes before someone starts singing, you feel like is 4 songs in one! This one is really epic, and is singed entirely in Norwegian.

"Ingen Grid" as the epic and sing-along Viking ballad, with some medieval touches here and there, and a choir that I'm sure that are some really bad-ass guys singing in a tavern with mugs of ale in their hands. "Berserkergang" is another kick ass song, a more mid-paced one, but still a killer!

So, as you can see, this album is full of great songs and Viking themes. Is recommendable to listen Einherjer before some specific situations: Conquering new lands, sailing away, burning villages, raping maids and the usual pillage and plunder.
I shall go now, I need some Blot.

Written by Undercraft | 22.01.2004



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09.07.2010 - 03:19
Amusing review. I'll be getting this mail in a couple weeks and I'm really looking forward to it.

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