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Band: April
Album: Tidelines
Release date: February 2007

01. The Power Of One
02. First Blood
03. Stain
04. Soul Of Elimination
05. Colourblind
06. Dead Man Walking
07. Weakened To Speak
08. Time Is Up
09. Two Steps (For A New Revolution)
10. Fading

"When was the last time you heard a metal band with really good songs? We almost regret to say it, but most of the modern metal is generic and faceless, self-replicating mass, form without content. /.../ April IS more. So much more."

That, ladies and gentlemen, was a quote from April's website. A bold statement. And I dare say this band does not entirely live up to these epic words. Lord knows the world sees these "metal-messiah's" spring up every day. Confidence is essential, but you have to have the goods to show for it. Having said that, let us get on with the review.

Despite these harsh comments, April is not a bad band. The abundant melodic parts are well done, the vocals would definitely get Simon Cowell to give his "thumbs up" and the composition surely has that X-factor you need to get into the hearts of hundreds, maybe even thousands of girls. But as we all know that's achievable without putting in too much effort.

Here's the thing: April has undoubtedly put together a very emotional album but it seems that they focused on that aspect a tad bit too much because in the end I find it very difficult to actually play back a song of theirs in my head. I like some of the stuff I hear on this CD, I really do. "Dead Man Walking" for one is a nice track. "Stain" also seems to float my boat a bit. But they just don't stick. Not to mention that the songs tend to get a little repetitive.

I'm sure this band will have plenty of fans and airtime. However, with talented musicians and an established producer they could do a lot better. But before they get there they should not under any circumstances declare themselves as saviors of modern metal.

They claim to be still a demo-band so unless you really like this kind of umm... sort of heavy/emo mix with alternative rock and slight pop influences then I suggest you put April "on hold" and "retry" in a year or two; in the meantime find something better to do with your spare time. For instance logging off here, going out and enjoying... well, April.

Written by destroyah | 08.04.2007



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08.04.2007 - 16:20
Their music is a little bit irratitating for me
08.04.2007 - 21:48
destroyah?since when he is back from the army?has it been long?what year was it when we were reading those gore bloody gores?i remember when headbanged ended and people were starving for another comic..aah time,good old days...im so melancholic again an this is sooo off-topic
i'm super, thanks for asking

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