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Penumbra - Seclusion review

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Band: Penumbra
Album: Seclusion
Release date: 2003

01. Tragical Memories
02. Cursed Destiny
03. Seclusion
04. The Prophetess
05. Hope
06. Crimson Tail
07. Conception
08. Enclosed

Being categorized as a band fully inspired by the music of another band, isn't good, I think the point in having your band is to create your own sound and if it's possible redefine a genre, or being a important part of it's evolution.

This is Penumbra, a French Gothic Metal outfit, in previous albums (2 of them) were catalogued as the "French Therion", which by the way, is not bad, since Therion rules. Anyway, they returned for the third time, and I can guess that they're tired of being compared to Therion, because they have evolved and the after mentioned comparisons can't be done anymore.

Penumbra has matured as a band and the music can be only catalogued as Penumbra, not other band, the compositions are more diverse, the bombastic choirs has been replaced by less frequent Gregorian chants, which fit in the music perfectly. The four voices, the female, the male, the Black and the Death one intertwine in perfect harmony all through the record.

The experience of hearing this record is something out of this world, the choirs, the intricate compositions, I couldn's be more happy that Penumbra finally found their way, I mean, every song here is excellent, you can hear some "strange" elements like bagpipes in the title track "Seclusion" , and some shades of their Therion-past in "Enclosed" , but I assure that in every track you'll find a well-written song, with all the right elements to make this one of the more pleasant listens I had in 2003. Penumbra has moved to my list of favorite bands, that's for sure.

Written by Undercraft | 08.01.2004


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