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Band: The Senseless
Album: In The Realm Of The Senseless
Release date: May 2007

01. You Love It
02. Vacation
03. Unprincipled
04. A Big Comedown
05. Crippled Trash
06. You Are Nothing
07. Promise
08. Wreckage
09. Evilicious
10. No Bombs Is Big Enough
11. Happy Ever After
12. After Happy Ever (Unmetal)

Sam Bean is the bassist of the already famous Grind Industrial band from Australia, The Berzerker. If you already know and love his main band, I can tell you that you'll not be disappointed by this release which just follows the way of the Audtralian combo. Sam's influences on The Berzerker's albums are obvious and you will be able to see why when you'll have a look on his new solo project The Senseless.

With this kind of albums, evidently, it's a matter of taste. People who only listen to classic Metal will have to go away quickly, because I seriously don't believe that they will find something for them in this "In The Realm Of The Senseless". But on the other hand, if you like technical and intelligent Grindcore it should be different. Despite its pure brutality with incredible fast rhythms, fast riffs, and big strong Death vocals, "In The Realm Of The Senseless" is a really complex album. I think that I could even talk about Progressive Grind or something like that. The songs are all complex with a lot of different breaks and even if it can look like something a bit "unstructured" sometime, you can be sure that it's really interesting to listen to this kind of music. Why? Well, just because it's different and original and if you're not afraid of brutal but technical music, which is a bit weird that's right, I'm quite sure that you'll enjoy the first solo album of Sam Bean. Plus the Industrial side of the music of the album is really cool too, Sam Bean found the way to perfectly mix those two different styles.

With the help of people like Matt Wilcock (Akercoke, The Berzerker), Luke Kenny, Russ Russell and Old Drake and with a really good production "In The Realm Of The Senseless" doesn't have a lot of bad points. Maybe that the cover and artworks are a bit weird but all in all, they're "special" like the music. The only problem for me maybe is that the album is not so long and also maybe that it can become boring with time. Even is if it's cool to listen to it, only pure aficionados of Grind and Industrial music will listen to this album again and again. The others will probably find it a bit boring with time in reason of its complexity.

If you like this kind of deranged Metal, go for this one! "In The Realm Of The Senseless" is a unique album, extremely disturbing but really intelligent and unconventional. Sam Bean found the way to release a real "UFO" and if you're a bit curious, you should try this release. Remember it's special but there are a lot of good things in this release.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 30.04.2007



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02.12.2009 - 18:15
I love it!

I drink moosepiss
17.08.2011 - 23:21
Indeed, love this album, feel honoured just to ever know about it, let alone own it. Brilliant!!

I drink moosepiss

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