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Band: Marduk
Album: Dark Endless
Release date: 1992

01. Still Fucking Dead (Here's No Peace)
02. The Sun Turns Black As Night
03. Within The Abyss
04. The Funeral Seemed To Be Endless
05. Departure From The Mortals
06. The Black...
07. Dark Endless
08. Holy Inquisition
09. Departure From The Mortals [live] [2006 reissue bonus]
10. Within The Abyss [live] [2006 reissue bonus]
11. Still Fucking Dead [live] [2006 reissue bonus]
12. The Black Goat [live] [2006 reissue bonus]
13. Evil Dead [Death cover] [live] [2006 reissue bonus]

Back in the old days again! 1992 to be precise, Marduk was still a very young band with an unpolished and a little unsuited style. This album shows the band in their "almost" Death Metal side, focused mainly in the creation of riffs and digestible chords, it was the simplistic side of Marduk but still it was an amazing musical experience.

The Black Metal tones were obviously present since then, but even though their sound was raw as only hell can be, the structures and all the scheme moves towards a mild spot, this fact becomes insanely visible when you compare an album like this one with "Panzer Division Marduk" for example, the line between both of them is incredibly long.

This debut is for that reason a classic piece, it's a different face that many have not experienced yet; of course you're in for a surprising listen if you only know Marduk's most hostile stage. Once again Regain Records took the time to re-issue this piece for all of us who never got the chance to have the original disc, the bonus features are just amazingly carved and even the layout gets a different tone.

"Dark Endless" is a must for almost everyone in the metal scene, either be for your Marduk's fanatism, for your incessant curiosity, or for having a better CD collection on your shelves. Maybe it's not the band's best effort to date, but it seriously deserves to have a place in your stereo.

Best Tracks: "The Funeral Seemed To Be Endless", "Dark Endless"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Production: 8

Written by Herzebeth | 08.06.2007


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Marduk, Panzer Division Marduk. Sounds familiar? Just as James Bond has his famous phrase, Marduk has its famous album. It is however sad that because of that album a lot of people think that Marduk's music is a chaos of pretty repetitive speed and brutality. Therefore I would like to those people they're wrong and that Marduk can produce a varied album with slower parts and a very strong atmosphere.

published 12.01.2005 | Comments (2)

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