Sabachthani - Miserable Endings review


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Band: Sabachthani
Album: Miserable Endings
Release date: 2007

01. Christabel's Journey
02. The Skull Of An Angel
03. The Thief And The Fallen
04. Nine Circles
05. Skarlet Industries
06. Josephine Sleeper

You know, life is too short to get to know all those good bands around that will satisfy your needs for emotion and atmosphere. I got lucky enough and Sabachthani from Sweden contacted me and asked me to listen to one of their compositions, i picked "Josephine Sleeper" and then everything flowed naturally as the song was going on, i started to realise the emotional apocalypse that was turning to reality before my very eyes so i became truly interested into reviewing this band.

The entity of Sabachthani came to life during 2002 and after two demos the time for their debut album arrived, "Miserable Endings" its title and it consists of 6 compositions, others very lengthy, others more than the average duration of a song. After all, it's doom metal we're talking about, so the duration is not a problem, on the contrary, it's an unavoidable and important part of it. Generally the band moves in doom/death metal soundscapes, showing that the band can actually play music with creative passages here and there, offering a more "progressive" edge to their compositions. The sound is mourning, desolate, melancholic and gentle at the same time, they present all the grief and all the sorrow in an elegant way that overruns your whole existence in the most beauteous way, embracing the sickness more in an esoteric way rather than an outer/musical way of expression, this is music for the more romantic doom/deathsters around.

Everyone in the band is doing his best in order to present the ideas of the band in the most ideal way. The guitar riffing is heavy enough with a bereaving desire, whereas at times it offers some more quality passages with beautiful ideas (and let's not forget the more acoustic passages like the beginning of "The Skull Of An Angel"!), letting not the guitar work become monotonous, something very positive of course. Along with the guitars, the rhythm section holds tight really well the compositions, sounding dynamic enough, not imposing though, and then enters the piano/keyboard ideas that entrance the listener, adding a beautiful and affected sense to the sound of Sabachthani, playing a very important role to the soundscapes they create. The vocal lines move in Aaron Stainthorpe soundscapes, especially when they become more lachrymose and doleful (without forgetting to transform to powerful grunts during some emotional outbursts), with the singer weeping behind a microphone, pouring his soul into the storytelling-oriented adorned with sorrow verses with so much emotion that you tend to forget the My Dying Bride references. After all, what matters is the purity of expression and these people in this very band know how to compose heart-felt music.

"Miserable Endings" offers you a journey through tragic stories with the ideal musical background that gives life to the lines that lead to "miserable endings". You really don't have to miss it if you're into this music. Please, listen to the album as a whole, such an action is highly recommended, although some songs like "Josephine Sleeper", "Nine Circles", "The Thief And The Fallen" etc might seem more interesting to you. Proceed.

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Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 8


Written on 25.06.2007 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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26.06.2007 - 17:16
Account deleted
Nice review. I love this album!
27.06.2007 - 15:38
I still havent listened to the album but after your terrific review I will for sure
"...........Love can be as cold as grave
A one-way ticket to endless sorrow
An empire of gentle hate
Today without tomorrow..."

....As I now fall... fall into deprivation
Fall... fallen theres till tomorrow
Love hides the things youll
17.12.2008 - 22:43
Nice band, great album ... is a fresh doom-gothic metal....
very good review...

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