Eardelete - Zombielogy review

Band: Eardelete
Album: Zombielogy
Release date: 2007

01. Zombie Powers
02. D A D
03. Craving For Human Flesh
04. D O D
05. Weaknesses
06. Dissect Morgue Corpse Suppurate
07. Contamination
08. Ulcer Ulceration Ulcerative Colitis
09. Walking Dead

I can still remember Negligent Collateral Collapse as one of the most entertaining bands in the Goregrind scene, their themes were just that crazy and let's not even talk about their music...they died unfortunately, but they were smart enough to create a new band called Eardelete, don't mind the name because the music is a crushing blast from the past.

"Zombielogy" shows a band sticked with Death Metal but with a Goregrind vocals fetish, as you already know by reading the tracklist, they mainly talk about zombies and corpses, so the final mix becomes incredibly powerful and quite fun as well. Eardelete is miles away from being just a newer NCC, on the contrary, the only similar thing is the vocal tone and the rest is just something different, more catchy and obviously lined towards Brutal Death Metal more than anything.

About the style, if you were a fan of NCC you'll still love the way these grinders execute their songs; the overall music shows few "original" things but it certainly passes most of this reviewer's tests, songs like "Craving For Human Flesh" would be the best example of how this new band sounds, it's catchy, brutal, with different paces accompanied by monstrous vocals and a festering metal sound.

The whole album is quite good, I can't fully say that EVERYONE will dig this piece, but the ones that matter surely will. As I already said "Zombielogy" is not the most original piece on earth, but I totally love the fact that the band did something far away from their roots and ends up sounding surprisingly well, not many musicians have the ability of doing this, I'm glad the band formerly known as Negligent Collateral Collapse actually has that ability.

Best Tracks: "Dissect, Morgue, Corpse, Suppurate", "Craving For Human Flesh", "Walking Dead"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Herzebeth | 05.07.2007



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05.07.2007 - 18:22
Sounds pretty cool, I'll have to find this album. Cool cover too.

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