Minotauri - II review


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Band: Minotauri
Album: II
Release date: 2007

01. Hammer Of Doom
02. Kill To Live
03. War
04. Storms Of The World
05. Under The Cross
06. Doom On Ice
07. Misery
08. Satan In Man
09. Sex Messiah
10. Black (Magic) Triangle

After being exposed to a near-lethal dose of funeral doom I was waiting for something more traditional to come along and pull me out of the sewers. My saviour was Minotauri, an heir to Reverend Bizarre's throne. Not that the black hole of terror that is funeral doom was vile in a bad way, but it was definately fucking up my nitro-fueled chi. Anyhow, some great old school doom was a welcomed change. Also, the naked chick ratio on Minotauri's album covers (approximately 68%) promised something good. I know, I know - sexist. But hey, I'm just saying what we're all thinking.

"II" is massive. It's one of those underground releases that take you by surprise. I actually wish I had gotten this album as a cassette. Yes, they're pesky inventions but "II" just feels super dirty. In fact, I think I'm gonna add this to my "Nordic Beach Hits" collection cause as far as the soundscape goes, this album is right in the same wheelbarrow with Bathory's "Hammerheart" and Darkthrone's "Soulside Journey". These are the few precious items that make a quiet night at a deserted beach perfect. These and the feeling of a soft blanky shoved in my throat. Sweet, sweet asphyxiation...

But seriously speaking, I'm not a pervert. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the sound of the album is really thick, making the instruments sound slightly subdued (like a soft blanky!), in a good sense of course. The vocals occasionally fade too much in the otherwise amazing flow, but I can overlook it - such a trivial detail is not gonna let me enjoy this truly catchy and enchanting piece. It's traditional doom with clean vocals and a "Krieg" (pretty much the best word I could come up with) atmosphere.

So if you like Reverend Bizarre, a viking sound, doom in general and beer (and a soft blanky!) then (shoved in your throat!) there's really no excuse for overlooking Minotauri. Underground at it's best. Blanky.

Written by destroyah | 07.07.2007


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