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Band: Tribuzy
Album: Execution Live Reunion
Release date: August 2007

01. Intro
02. Aggressive
03. Divine Disgrace
04. The Attempt
05. Forgotten Time [Feat. Kiko Loureiro]
06. Nature Of Evil [Feat. Kiko Loureiro, Mat Sinner]
07. Absolution [Feat. Ralf Scheepers, Roland Grapow]
08. Final Embrace [Feat. Ralf Scheepers]
09. Web Of Life [Feat. Roland Grapow]
10. Execution [Feat. Kiko Loureiro]
11. Tears Of The Dragon [Feat. Bruce Dickinson, Chris Dale, Roy Z]
12. Beast In The Light [Feat. Bruce Dickinson, Roy Z]

Recorded live during the Execution tour at the Credicard Hall of Sao Paulo (Brazil), "Execution Live Reunion" is the video recording (DVD) of the "live version" of Execution, the first album of Renato Tribuzy (ex Tothen). In addition of the live album (not released on the same label than this DVD by the way), you will be able to watch now this amazing concert which features a good bunch of amazing singers and musicians.

When you see that Bruce Dickinson, Michael Kiske, Mat Sinner, Ralf Scheepers, Kiko Loureiro, Roland Grapow, Roy Z and Chris Dale play and sing on this DVD, do I really have to add something more? The DVD version of "Execution Live Reunion" is just a must nothing more, nothing less.

The DVD is good in reason of the great performances of all these musicians but also because it was perfectly recorded (the sound is perfect) and filmed is a pure pleasure. The concert took place in a great venue full of a lot of enthusiasm fans and we can hear them all. But as I said, the recording is also extremely good and the video is really impressive. The image is clean and we can watch the concert with a lot of different angles. When you add that the twelve songs are all really good and that all the musicians and singers (Dickinson is one more time extremely convincing) it's hard to add anything else to this review. This is a must for you really.

If you already have the live album of this concert, I really think that you should have a look on this DVD too. This is simply the best way to discover Tribuzy's music and of course to pass an great moment. It's not so easy to have the chance to see such an amazing Line Up so if you just pretend to love Heavy and Power Metal, I hope that you'll buy as soon as possible this DVD. This live is great and deserves to be in your video collection. Don't miss it!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 08.08.2007



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09.10.2007 - 18:03
Fierce Deity
Hm... Interesting review. I wasnt there but I saw the same line up in Belo Horizonte (if the track list of the DVD is the full set list of the show, then I went to a better concert - here we had "Be Quick or Be Dead", "Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter", "The Evil That Men Do", "Highway to Hell", "Black Night", Bruce playing drums...). Impossible to forget.
...Still, maybe I'll check this DVD...

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